Monday, April 7, 2014

Pockets and Pies Apron :)

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I am super excited to share this fun little project with you today.  The amazing gals at Fat Quarter Shop have put together another wonderful Video Tutorial / Free Pattern and this time it is for this adorable Pockets and Pies Apron!! It is made with just a yard of fabric and a kitchen towel and goes together in a snap!

I made mine from a Micheal Miller print called Norwegian Woods, I just loved how those adorable mushrooms reminded me of the old Pyrex bowls my mom used to use in the kitchen :)   And a little added mushroom applique were the finishing touch.  So Cute!!

So do you want to make a Pockets and Pies Apron??   They are so much fun.  You can see the Video Tutorial here or just watch below :)

And you can find a free downloadable pattern here ;)    I can't wait to see what you decide to make yours look like :)

 And if you are having a hard time deciding, there is plenty of Pockets and Pies Apron Inspiration.  Check out the Fat Quarter Shop Blog today for lots more links of happy Pockets and Pies Apron's from around Blog Land :)

Have a Happy Quilting Day!!

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  1. Yours is very cute! Love those little mushroom applique!

  2. Love your apron and thank you for showing the tut. These aprons will make a great use in the kitchen but also in the sewing room.

  3. I want to tell you a funny little story that your apron reminded me of.
    My husband was a chemical engineer at Union Carbide (now Dow Chemicals) before he retired. He often had to travel, mostly here in the US. One time he had to go to the Houston-Texas City area for a week-long meeting so I decided to sew myself a new dress to welcome him home when the kids and I picked him up at the airport here. I made the cutest dress with fabric with jungle animals designs all over it. When I met him at the airport he recognized that it was indeed a new dress and commented how nice it looked. Later on I discovered that I'd sewn the animals all upside down so whenever I wore the dress and anyone commented on it, I told them it was my Upsy-Downsy(sp?) dress. My children had a book about a world of upsy-downsy(sp?) people, places and things. It was a delightful book and your apron reminded me of all the fun times I had with my children reading them that book and having fun with my delightful dress. And I love your apron. Thank you for the tutorial.

  4. Very cute! And now whenever I see that print I will think of Pyrex bowls!

  5. I like yours the best. Cute, cute mushrooms. I'm thinking how great they would be as Christmas neighbor gifts especially if I sewed the other half of the towel into the waistband ala Bunny Hill. Or this could be one for the grandkids to make.


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