Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Weekend Roll Haulted

Well, I was on quite a sewing roll last weekend ;)  I got quite a lot of work done on 2 projects and was so in the groove and loving every minute of it!!!

My first project was the Metro Rings quilt that I started at the Small Town Quilt show.  I am so loving this pattern and playing with the Quick Curve Ruler from the Sew Kind of Wonderful gals!!!  

 I got all of the setting triangles added to my quarter blocks.

And trimmed them all up.  Dont you love that pile of trim??  It reminds me of a cheerleaders pom-pom ;)

And I even got the quarter blocks sewn into halves!!!  Now I just need to sew the halves into blocks and then the blocks into a quilt top!!!  Eeekk, I can't wait to finish this one up :)  

I am also working on a new sample for some classes next year.  In Jan and March I will be teaching my Wonky Irish Chain pattern and am making a queen size version in Basic Grey's newest line Persimmon.  I am so loving these beautiful fall tones!!!    I have half of the blocks made and the other half of the blocks are half way done ;)  Comin along :)

But . . . That sewing groove came to an end.  Because as of Monday afternoon, I have been painting with my Mother who is visiting to help me paint.  And what might we be painting . . . Oh, just a new little space for the long arm ;)   Eeeekkk!!  I am so excited :)  Yesterday was all about ceilings.  My mother was getting quite a kick out of the drips in my hair, face, eyes, and even a few in my mouth, yuck.  

I am off to paint some more ;)  Have a Happy Quilting (and for me painting) Day!!

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  1. Soooo feeling ya. Just painted my bedroom and the bathroom ceiling. I need to paint the kitchen, but my enthusiasm has waned. Good luck!

  2. My son is turning 5 in 12 days and he wants a green room so I have a feeling I'll be looking similar! Can't wait to see your new space. :)

  3. My kitchen, dining room, and living room are being painted as we speak... by a nice man that I hired so that I can keep sewing, blogging, and internet surfing. After painting our master bedroom, my husband's office, the half bath, one wall of the laundry room and my son's bedroom, I officially done with painting. Told my husband that we're hiring someone to do the rest.

  4. Painting is tough work, but nice when it's finished! Loving the fabric in both quilts! Good for you getting so much done during a summer weekend!

  5. You are amazing! I am going to finish my Neighborhood quilt top that I started in the class as the Quilt Walk. Will have to wait until after our Sevier County Fair. I am on the committee (in charge of quilts!).

  6. 2 quilts neither pattern have I seen before, the Irish chain looks very appealing. happy painting, like you i get more on me than where it should be.

  7. You make me tired just reading 'bout your day........but..........YOU GO GIRL !!!!!!! :-)

  8. I don't mind the painting, in our house its filling all the cracks first that I can't handle! The painting is the fun bit. Time for you to wear a hat with a peak I think!

  9. Haha when Honeyman and I pain I wanna know how it is that I look like you... paint in my hair on my face, clothes, in my ears... he is SPOTLESS!!!! (This ALSO happens when there is out door projects like planting or pulling weeds!!) I'm at a loss for words! ;0)
    Oh wait... did I see LONG ARM. in that post... squeal for ya!!!


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