Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Reverse Sewing

So this morning I stood in front of the long arm with the goal to finish quilting up my Metro Rings quilt for the SKOW Blog Hop.  All I had left to quilt were the arches and so I set off.

About 15 seconds in to it I thought "My that black thread really doesn't blend with the Yellow blocks, but I am sure it will be okay".   About 30 seconds into it I thought "Oh dear, that black just isn't blending, but I am sure it will look better if I just quilt a bit more."   About a minute into it I thought "Stop Silly Girl, its not getting better and you don't like it at all !!!!!"   (When will I learn to stop after the first initial doubt. )   One  hour later, I finished "reverse sewing"  aka unpicking that One minutes worth of indecision.

Of course, like all quilters out there, Reverse Sewing is not my favorite thing to do in the world.   I can handle it okay when I have to unpick piecing, but unpicking quilting . . . . Grumble, Grumble, Grumble!!!    But, was it worth it ??? . . . Absolutely!!!!  

The Medium Grey is soooo much better.  It really and more importantly, I really love it!!  I still used the beautiful Charcoal Black in the diamonds and even used a different background color.  I know shocking!!  Instead of using my favorite 402 Pearl, I used 403 Almond.  It looks awesome on the grunge background!!  All of these threads are So Fine by Superior Thread.  I love how well they blend :)  

And even with the bumpy start, I did finish the quilting and now all that is left is to bind this Metro Hoops quilt.  And wouldn't you know it, I have 4 bindings made, and the one that I actually need is still yardage sitting next to the finished ones ;)  Gotta love it.

So I am off to make a binding ;)  I promise to share more of this quilt on Friday when it is my stop for the Sew Kind Of Wonderful Blog Hop :)   It started Monday and so far has had 2 wonderful stops.  You can see the full schedule here ;)

Have a Happy Quilting Day!!

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  1. I can't wait to see more of this quilt. :-)

    I was pleasantly surprised to see the binding for the quilt I'm getting ready to start quilting already made. Don't have to worry about that, just a label (and actually getting down to quilting; I've been putting it off).

  2. I just experienced this the other week myself... and did two FULL lines (I was going for the diamond quilting) and realized that yes, in fact... it was not going to work! LoL It was my first time having to reverse stitch quilting... NO THANK YOU! I am glad you stopped when you did and hopefully next time (what are we kidding... we will complain again next time too) you will stop at the first 15 seconds! LoL

  3. LOL... I love that new term "reverse sewing"!!

  4. Ah yes, what I call "un-sewing". I've never had to do it with quilting, but just yesterday, I realized after trying on a skirt yoke - just in case! - that it wasn't gonna fit me... too bad the fabric was already cut! :(

  5. I haven't been brave enough to try to quilt a real quilt yet. I've done two table runners and just went with a simple white thread. I cannot imagine trying to "frog" quilting. Oh my! That is a chore. You have the patience of Job for sure. I'm glad that you followed your heart and are happy with your choice. Sometimes we know that we know that we know. I'm such a stickler that there simply should be no mistakes in patterns, that I will cut a piece from scrap and put it in the block when I feel that the instructions are incorrect. I won't trust my own instincts. I guess that comes from being a math major, computer programmer, and tester. I guess I should make a test block, eh? The quilt is beautiful. It is on my wish list which seems to be growing exponentially. Thanks for sharing your trials and tribulations. Many folks only blog about their successes and we all have our bumps in the road. The end result was worth that hour of unpicking.

    1. true confession: I love to read the 'responses/comments' as much as the posts. And I will just horn in and tell you, Suze, to GO FOR IT! There has to be a first one. Want me to send you a real quilt top to make as your first? Then you are not risking your own carefully created beauty on nervous hands and insecurity? And I trust you to quilt my quilt top. Perfection is not required on practice tops. Practice with a Sharpie on newspaper, page after page. It is rather fun and your hand and mind become one. Go for it! Then show us your wonderful results.

  6. sharing your So Fine! love... color 403 is gorgeous. I used it on a batik quilt and it became part of the quilt.

  7. Mellisa - I love your quilt! I too am a longarm quilter with the same problem you have. I don't know if I ever will learn. I HATE unsewing! :)

  8. Ugh, I hate unsewing when you know after the fact that had you listened to that inner voice at the beginning, you'd have saved yourself a lot of time and effort!

  9. Rosemary B here:
    I greatly dislike unsewing too, but if you have something to listen to and a good ripper, it goes okay with out too much pain. Good thing it was only one minutes worth of sewing.
    I love this beautiful creation. You are amazing and always inspire me <3


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