Friday, May 22, 2015

Frivols #4 x 3

Don't you just love that word . . . Frivols!!  So fun :)  For market, I was asked by my fantastic friends at Moda to make 3 samples of one of their new Frivols Quilts.  If you haven't heard about Frivols, it is a new collectors tin program that Moda is doing and there will be 12 tins total in the series. You can see all about them in the Schoolhouse Video that Fat Quarter Shop did :)

Anyhow, this is Frivols #4 using Brenda Riddle's gorgeous new line Windermere and it will be out in November.  And I hear the tin comes with all sorts of extra goodies!!  Ya, I am totally going to be frivolously collecting these ;)

Brenda Riddle designed this fun flying geese quilt.  It is made with 4 blocks and a whole flock of geese.  And there are lots and lots of pretty points to line up.  Yippee!!!

The pattern uses the no-waste flying geese technique, which is my favorite.  The geese went together fast and then it was just building the blocks, which didn't go so fast (more on that later).  All 3 are the same, sans the color placement and the backing fabrics.   I have to say, it was kind of fun to assembly line piece these and turn around to find I had 3 finished quilts!

When it came time to quilt them, I decided to do an all over mixture of echoed paisleys, swirls, and curly cues.  I used 401 So Fine Superior Threads and it perfectly blended away to give the quilts a beautiful texture.  I really love my So Fine Threads!!!  (which incidentally, I have a big So Fine Thread giveaway going on right now . . . trust me, you are going to want to win these threads!!)  

It was so fun to "find" these 3 Frivols all over Moda Land at market.   I found the first one hanging in the Brenda Riddle center section of the booth.

And the second one draped over the table at Brenda's booth in Designer Row.

And the third one took me a little longer to find until I thought to check in the United Notions booth.  It is the one hanging on the ladder with the cute Frivols tin on top of it!!  They are just so cute!!!

And those are my 3 Frivols quilts!!!  But, I had to share this little story about making them that I referred to above.  This is in the true spirit of "Keeping it Real".  Of course, I was making these on a "fast approaching deadline"  I had all of the geese made and stitched into rows.  All I had to do was stitch the rows together.   In an effort to speed things up, Barbara came up and pressed as I stitched.  We were rocking it out until we came to the very last row.  As I laid out the blocks to put them all together, I noticed something looked off.  These didn't look like the blocks in the pattern.  Oh ya, that's because the blocks in the pattern have the geese pointing outward, not inward . . . like I had stitched every row of all 12 blocks for all 3 quilts!!!   My seam ripper was my best friend for the next several hours.    Oh ya, Keeping It Real :) 

But it all worked out . . .and all three quilts turned out so pretty and on-time ;)  And in the end, I did laugh at myself, after a few frustrated tears while ripping ;)

Thanks for popping in today ;)  I have 1 more Market finish to share tomorrow and then next week it is on to the Schoolhouse and Book Signings ;)

Have a Happy Quilting Weekend!!!

Linking up these 3 finishes to Sarah's and Amanda's ;)

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  1. Sooo lucky you! I love this idea! Your designs are wonderful! L

  2. Those are just beautiful! Love your quilting on them, too!

  3. Perfect from start to finish! Love the geese method too! Beautiful finish!

  4. These are lovely! Thanks for the keeping it real moment. It's nice to know that we all have those tears and seam rippers moments.

  5. Seam rippers. Love them and hate them. ;)

  6. Three beautiful quilts!! I don't know how you do it! I'd go nuts trying to get 3 quilts done at once! So sorry to hear of the last row problem!! Wish I could have been there to help you rip out. :-( And it looks like you were all over Market in fabric form! :-) Have a great weekend!!! Hugs, H

  7. Aww, they look cute going inward, too. I've already signed up for the Frivols club, can't wait to start getting them. Some monthly fun to look forward to.

  8. Love this quilt pattern. I'd love to try it. Can you direct me to a pattern to buy, or a tutorial?

  9. Oh no!! That must have been so frustrating to have them all messed up. I have done something very similar. they look wonderful. I like the big geese. I also want to tell you how much I love your book. I can not decide on which one to do first. Everybody in my family is going to get one of your Quilts. I just love them all so much. Great Job!!!

  10. Oh dear. If you had enough fabric, would have been tempted to re-piece the geese and put these blocks together anyway. Would be fun to see the difference. Or perhaps just one "wrong" quilt.

  11. I bought Frivol tin #4 w the Lakeland & Windemere fabrics. I've also bought my background, backing & trim fabrics, so I'm ready to get started. Quick question about the pressing directions. When constructing the flying geese (section 1) the directions are to press seams toward the "background fabric" which is a light/white fabric per the design. IThat will put the colored Windermere fabrics under the light/white background fabric. s that correct? Don't we usually press seams toward the dark fabric? (Which would be toward the Windermere fabrics in the tin.) Thanks for your answer before I begin sewing.

    1. Hi Toby,

      That is a great question ;) You indeed are going to press the fabric towards the background fabric. The reason for this is that it creates less bulk as your seams are not pressed to the center of your point in your flying geese. (You can see my tutorial on no waste flying geese right here ) It also allows when you go to sew them all together to see the little thread X that you want to cross through when sewing so that you get a perfect point every time ;) I explain this better in this tutorial :)

      So yes, press towards the light in this case. I always press flying geese outwards, regardless of what fabric is where :)

      Hope that helps.


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