Friday, May 8, 2015

Hang Time In Hazel

Well, I managed to finish up my Hazel quilt yesterday and so it is ready to be shared today.   So here she is . . . Hang Time in Hazel!!!

When I received this beautiful bundle of Hazel fabric from Allison at Cluck Cluck Sew, I instantly knew I had to play with it.  So I grabbed my sketch book and started flipping through it to see if I had any designs that would fit this beautiful bundle.   And I came across my sketch of Hang Time and remembered that while I designed and created the free pattern for for Hang Time last December, I never actually made the quilt . . . and Wham!!  Perfect fit!!!

I had so much fun making this quilt up.  The pattern is super easy and goes together super fast.   I love how the big blocks really feature these beautiful prints in the line!!!  And all that crisp beautiful white really makes the prints pop!!

When it came time to quilt Hang Time I varied a little bit from my norm.   You see, the first time I met Allison Harris was at the Sewing Summit back in 2011 where she was teaching a free motion quilting class.   I loved that class and learned so much.  The first thing she taught the class was how to stitch simple meandering.   So . . . I decided that Hang Time just needed to be a memory of that first meeting and class and what better way to tie that memory in that stitching some simple meandering.

I had forgotten how fun meandering is to stitch!!  It is just so freeing and care-free.   I kept it less dense than I normally quilt as well as I plan to do a lot of snuggling up with this quilt and wanted it to be super soft.   I normally would have used my favorite 402 So Fine Thread with that crisp white but can you believe I am completely out!!  I plan on stopping at the Superior Threads Warehouse on my way to the airport for Market.   So in it's place I used 401 So Fine Thread instead, which looks great also!!

I have to say, it is so fun to finally see this design put into a quilt and I really think Hazel was just the perfect match for Hang Time.  I can't wait to curl up with a good book with this one!!!  (although, that will probably have to wait until after market ;)

 And I had to share this fun little bit of Hang Time's design inspiration.   When I mentioned earlier that this was in my sketchbook . . . well, it went in there last summer at swimming lessons.  I took it along with me figuring I had an hour to doodle.  My Sister In Law came and sat in front of me wearing this shirt and I saw a quilt design :)   I played with it for a bit trying to turn it into blocks instead of repeat and that is how Hang Time came to be.  My Sister-In Law was wearing this shirt last week and I snapped a quick picture to add it to this post.  So fun!!!

I hope you love Hang Time in Hazel as much as I do ;)   And just in case you missed the earlier links . . . The free Hang Time Pattern can be found right here and if you make it I would love to see it.  You can add it to my Flickr Group or email me a picture at    And if you want to make it in Hazel, you will have to be a bit patient.  It will be arriving at stores in September ;)  But trust me, it is well worth the wait ;)

And one more quick note before I sign off,  I got home last night to find several boxes on the front porch!!!   I actually tore the first one open before even bringing it inside.  Irish Chain Quilts has arrived!!!!!  Oh my goodness, oh my goodness.   Yup another Cloud 9 day over here ;)   I will be working on signing and mailing all of the pre-ordered copies this weekend,   So watch your mailboxes next week!!!

Thanks for popping in today and have  a Happy Quilting Weekend!!!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this fun pattern !

  2. I love it when things click like that...a perfect match between a bundle and a certainly can't force it, it just has to happen!

    AND, a HUGE congratulations on your boxes of books! That's a PRETTY exciting day! Enjoy!!! Can't wait to see you at market!

  3. What a beautiful quilt! I will definitely be adding this pattern to my list.

  4. Nice quilt! I like the colors you used.

  5. Fabulous pattern Melissa! Love it! I think this would make an amazing 2 color solids quilt!

  6. Beautiful quilt and love the pattern and colors. Designing from seeing a blouse, awesome.

  7. Hang Time - Wow it turned out great Melissa! I love how you chose the quilting to tie in the memory. And the story of the shirt inspiration is so fun!

  8. Love the quilt: and i really love seeing what the inspiration for it was!! So fun!! And I'm looking forward to that book!!! Don't get writers cramp!! :-) Congrats again!! Hugs, H

  9. Oh it's so pretty, and looks like the perfect combination of pattern and fabric. I love that even the quilting pattern has significance, it will be a perfect memory quilt.

  10. Such a beautiful quilt in a great design! Congratulations on your book and enjoy Market, I'm getting very envious over here in the UK! 😀

  11. I really like this one, so fresh and crisp.

  12. LOVING Hang Time!! What size are the blocks?? I want to make this...sheesh, why is my TO DO list so long?? :D

  13. Gorgeous quilt and lovely pattern! =D Such a great, fresh feeling to this one! <3

  14. I love this quilt! It will be on my to do list and I can't wait to get my hands on the Hazel fabric too! Terrific finish!

  15. I love the quilt! What a clever lady to be able to design just from looking at a shirt. Hopefully the site maintenance will be hasty and I can get my pattern... I already have the fabric to get started
    Cathy in Canada

    1. Hi Cathy, I just updated the pattern link directly to the PDF, so you should be able to get it now ;)

  16. I haven't seen the pattern yet but thought if I did strips, I would have TWO quilts - one positive like this one, then another negative - where you have colors there would be white and where this quilt has white there would be white - perfect for TWINS (adult twins like things like quilts too!)
    Thanks for sharing this - it's really stunning!


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