Friday, May 29, 2015

Spring Market 2015 - A few last shares and that's a wrap!

Alright, well, I have been posting about Market for over a week now, and I have to say, it has been so much fun to break it all down and sort of relieve each little moment through writting.   It really was my most amazing Market and of course, that was because I finally got to share all about Irish Chain Quilts!!!!  I just can't explain how amazing it is, after working so hard and keeping it a secret for nearly 2 years to be able to share share all of the love I put into it.    And I am just so touched by the wonderful response to it.  Thank you!!!

Which leads me into my little surprise I mentioned yesterday . . . I get to join Pat Sloan on American Patchwork and Quilting Podcast on Monday and talk all about Irish Chain Quilts!!!   So exciting!!!!

The show will air live on Monday, June1st at 4pm eastern, 3 pm Central, 2 pm Mountain, or 1pm Pacific.  For all of my International friends you will have to figure out the time ;)   You can catch the show live right here, or download it later and listen ;)

And speaking of Irish Chain Quilts, there are a few quilts that I forgot to share that I used in my book signings.    These are my Bitty Bits mini's!!!!

You might remember when I shared this little guy for March Madness Mini Week . . . 

 But I had so much fun, it multiplied into 3 mini's!!!!

And ya, this one is my favorite.   I mean, it has purple in it, of course it is my favorite!!!

I used these adorable little guys to show how easy it is to transform the Bitty Bits pattern from the book using the inverse of the solids layout, adding prints mixed with solids, or just using all solids.   I think it really helped for people to see how versatile the design can be to fit their own personal favorites.  

Each of these measure 20" x 20" and are going to make a cute little addition to all of my Irish Chain Quilts.   And ya . . . you know this has got me thinking about making Mini's of all the quilts in Irish Chain Quilts!!!

And now, I have shared everything that I made for market . . . But I had a few surprises when I got there of other quilt sightings ;)   The ladies at Riley Blake designs brought back the butterfly display from Quilt Con for their market booth.  It was so fun to finally get to see that beautiful Butterfly Dress.  And ya, that is my Butterfly Whirl quilt behind it that I designed for Quilt Con.   (and am still working on a pattern for, so many things to do :)

And if you remember the Endless Summer  quilt I made for Vanessa Christensen, it showed up in her booth as well.  Doesn't it look so cute all rolled up in the basket ;)

And finally, one last share, that I was totally surprised was here.  Remember those scraps of Hello Darling I showed a while back . . . well it was for this quilt!!!   The lovely Barbara and Mary, of Me and my Sister Designs asked to to do the piecing for this stunning quilt!!  It came back from the quilter just before Market, and was sent off to It's Sew Emma.   So I was super surprised to see it ;)    It was one of those secret sewing projects that I thought was going to be secret a little longer, but since it was hanging, I figure I can share ;)   This quilt will be in Me and My Sister's newest book PreCut Primer for It's Sew Emma and I am so excited for this book!!!!   I will share more about it when it gets closer to being released in August ;)

And I think that just about wraps it all up!!!  Wow, International Spring Quilt Market, you were awesome!!!!!   And I am looking forward to next spring when you will be in my neck of the woods.  Salt Lake City, here I come ;)

I hope you have a very Happy Quilting Weekend!!!

Linking up these last few finishes to Amanda's and Sarah's  and Quilt Story;)  

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  1. "It has purple in it of course it's my favourite." You're speaking my language! I am slightly hoarding my polka dots to save for a special project.

  2. Yay Melissa! I can't wait to listen in while I sew. :-)

  3. Purple!!! Girl you are after my heart! Love that your had such a great time at Market. I think I might have to plan for NEXT Spring in SLC.

  4. Sounds like you had a great time at Market. I found out to late that it was in Minneapolis, which is only a couple of hours away from me, other wise I would've gone to meet you! I did get my signed book in the mail though and it is AWESOME! Thank you!!

  5. How fun!! When I said that you were all over Market I didn't know the half of it!!!! I love your mini's, and yeah, the purple one is my favorite too!! You've been sewing so much, are you sure you have fingerprints left on those busy little fingers? :-D Love all that you did!! And you should go and just rest for a bit!! Have a great weekend!! Hugs, H

  6. Just a short little note to let you know that my copy of your book arrived on my doorstep this afternoon. It is a beautiful book~so many lovely pictures in it. Congrats on a job well done.

  7. Wow Melissa - this was an AMAZING Quilt Market for you! So much of your wonderful work coming to be shown in one place! Way to go!!!
    The bitty bits really do show how versatile the pattern can be. Beautiful quilting!
    Love the Hello Darling quilt! What a great design!
    Congrats too on your podcast with Pat! :) :) :)


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