Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Cutting, Cutting, and More Cutting

This last Saturday happened to be the first Saturday that I was home all day for what feels like the whole summer.   And you better believe I spent it starting up a whole lot of projects!!!  I know I have mentioned it before, but I really enjoy cutting out quilts!!  I just love the feeling of starting something new and seeing all of those little tiny pieces and just get so excited to see them all come together.

So I started off with cutting out the pieced backing and the finishing sashing for my Snapshots quilt.   The backing and finishing instructions came out quite a while ago and I have been wanting to get this all cut out ever since then, so they were absolutely first on my list ;)

Next up, I pulled out some beautiful Bella Solids for an upcoming Moda Bake Shop Tutorial I will be putting together.  This one is lots of strip piecing so the cutting went super quick.  And if you are thinking, Melissa sure makes a lot of Red, White, and Black quilts, you are so right on.   It's back to school time for my Alma Mater and I try and make them one or two quilts each year at this time to be used for Homecoming events :)   And yes, the next picture is the second quilt for good old SUU ;)

And the kids were still happy playing at this point and I was on a roll, so I grabbed these gorgeous Grunge Basics in 2 shades of Red and paired them with some Black and Whites from Zen Chic's new Modern Backgrounds Ink and Paper.   And can I tell you how much I love these Modern Backgrounds!!!   EEEkkk!!!  I think I will be hording these for sure ;)  And I am so excited to see it come together in this quilt.  

I was totally on a roll at this point, so I pulled out these absolutely gorgeous earthy toned basics from Blank Quilting.   Can you tell where I am going with these blocks just by the way they are cut ;)  Yippee for Log Cabin's!!!  But of course, there is going to be a twist and I will be sharing a fun tutorial for this next month for a special little Celebration Hop!!!   More to come ;)

And just as I was finishing up the above and thinking it was time to put away my rulers and cutter for the day, the door bell rang and it was the UPS man dropping off these so fun Fancy and Fabulous prints for my next Riley Blake Design Team tutorial.  I figured, might as well ;)   So a quick press and cut and before you knew it, lots and lots of pretty rectangles ;)

What a Saturday of cutting, cutting, and then cutting some more.   I had so much fun!!!!!!   And with all that cut, I haven't sewn a stitch in the last 3 days as we have been getting ready for school to start (which isn't near as fun as cutting out quilts)   But as of this morning, all I have left to do is grocery shopping for lunches and then school starts bright and early tomorrow morning!!   And yes, I plan to sew up a storm with my last little wee one left at home.  (okay, I might cry a bit first at how big they are all getting, and then I will sew)     I think I will start on all of the bindings ;)  Don't they look so cute all in a row!!

I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting  day!!!!
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  1. And I thought I was nuts enjoying the cutting process of a quilt! Enjoy those babies - they will be adults before you know it...... Happy Sewing!

  2. Ah, glad to hear that others enjoy the cutting prep. It's fun to me too. You have lots of nice fabrics to work with.

  3. Like you, I love cutting fabrics! For me it is just really a stress breaker and a great way to get out of a slump. Looking forward to future posts about what you are doing with all of your beautiful fabric choices. I used to cry every time my daughter would start school because of how fast she was growing up. She will be 30 this year and a couple years ago she received her Masters Degree. No more crying as school starts anymore. LOL. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful creative day!

  4. I can't wait to see your Log Cabin with a twist. oh those Fancy and Fabulous prints are so gorgeous! :))

  5. How can summer be over already? It looks like a great day of cutting.

  6. "I think I will be hording these for sure ;)"

    I'm always interested in knowing how much fabric quilters are talking about when they speak of "hording" something they love. How much of these is enough to stash away?

  7. Can´t wait ti see it reveled!


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