Thursday, August 20, 2015

First Day of School!!!

Well, the summer has officially ended and it's off to another year of school.   Things are awfully quiet around here at the moment.  Starting a new school year always has such mixed emotions to go with it, ya know ;)   But I don't want to get all into that, or I will just end up with more mixed emotion tears for the morning ;)  So let's do a roll call instead

Spencer, our oldest, is going into 7th grade and loves middle school.   Our elementary troop are first Jessica in 5th grade, and she is already looking forward to middle school next year ;)   Kristian is in 3rd grade this year and is all boy,   And finally,  Kamryn is in 1st grade and is so excited to be going school full day now, she couldn't wait to make a lunch this morning.   And not to forget, little Jocelyn, who will be mommy's big helper all year long.

I think it is going to be another great year ;)   And now, I am off to do some sewing while Jocelyn sets up the Barbie Thread Cone Palace, Good Times!!!!
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  1. A good looking crew. They seem so happy on the first day of school.

  2. Kids grow up so fast! I blinked one day and all of mine had grown up and left for college and the big scary world beyond. I just have to ask what is a Barbie thread cone palace? Just curious if I deprived my kids of anything sewing related.

  3. Melissa, your children are adorable! :) Let us know how the Barbie thread cone palace is furnished. :)
    ~ Christina

  4. they all look so happy and bright eyed and busy tailed!! Funny how that is the way for the 1st day, but the glow wears off!! :-) And you're going to have to take pics of the Barbie thread cone palace: your little helper has us all stumped as st what that is! LOL!!

  5. What a nice looking crew! I admire you for all the hard work that is involved in raising 5 children. Enjoy the time you have to do your quilting to maintain a good balance. They look so happy

  6. Oh my your gorgeous kids are growing so fast. How nice you still have Jocelyn home to help .....

  7. This is adorable. They look so sweet. My kids don't start for a couple more weeks.


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