Saturday, March 12, 2016

Splendid Sampler Saturday!!

It's Saturday so that means Splendid Sampler blocks ;)   With my Irish Chain Layout I won't be able to include all 100 blocks, so I actually hopped over one block this week as it was all embroidery, and I just haven't decided if those will work in my rainbow layout  (and you know, I am not a big fan of hand stitching, so it wasn't hard to make an excuse to not have to do it :)  

So this week I started with the Friends Around the Square block designed by Julie Karasek.  This was such a fun block to make.  I think it took me twice as long to choose fabrics as it did to make the block.  It was super important to make sure I had enough contrast in the three shades of orange to really make sure I didn't lose the design.  I just love sewing these monochromatic blocks, it really is making me think a lot about shades of color and layout.

And since I only have one SS block to share, I decided to get caught up in my bee block as well.  Tamara asked us to make this super fun block.  It's an Ohio Star framed in a modified Log Cabin.   It was so much fun to make and I just love the pretty purples in Lady Slipper Lodge by Holly Taylor for Moda.   It was so fun to make and I am glad to be all caught up again ;)

And those are this weeks Splendid Sampler blocks / Bee Block.  Looking forward to next Saturday for another Splendid Morning of Saturday Stitching ;)

Happy Quilting!!!
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  1. I am amazed that you had that many oranges to pick from! Love the colors in your Bee block.

  2. HI both blocks are pretty! I really like the Purple! Thanks for sharing!

  3. What is your setting plan? I am leaning towards the setting that Persimon Dreams used for the 100 block Tula Pink City Sampler, but I'm afraid to commit until I see what the designers plans are... I really want something a bit different than rows of blocks with sashings.


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