Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Radio Show Follow-up

I want to say a huge Thank You to Pat Sloan for having me on her podcast on Monday!!!  Also a huge thank you  to everyone who tuned in to hear me  on American Patchwork and Quilting Radio!!!  It s oh so much fun!!!  If you were not able to listen live, you can still go to here or here and listen to the podcast ;)

And I have been getting a few emails with questions on some of the things we discussed, so I wanted to follow up on those questions here.  So . . . Here are the "links" to more info on all of the fun little topics that Pat and I chatted about.

First off, we discussed My block, Lots of Love,  for the Splendid Sampler.  My post about my block can be found here and it shares with you all of the design inspiration behind the block.  And the pattern for my block can be found right here ;)

Second, Pat and I chatted a bit about my "prolific" quilting habits.  I have had several emails since asking me besides being organized, how do I make so many quilts in a year.   We'll I don't know if I have a great answer for that, but I do come at each of my days very routine, and quilting is part of the routine.

I wrote up a post back here on my little "schedule" and how I can squeeze the most out of my day to try and be as productive as I can with the hours I have.  While some of the little ones in this post are now in school, the schedule is pretty much the same.   I still have one little one home with me in the day, and luckily she still takes a nap so I can still have my 1 - 3 or 4 Afternoon sew time where I chain stitch as much as I can on 3 to 4 quilts.    And then yes, every evening the kids still go to bed and I have Press and Pin time while my sweethearts has Check ESPN time with some movie playing in the background ;)  So basically, I make quilts in assembly line fashion 3-4 at a time which allows me to be super efficient.
But I will say, I do try to have one or two quilts that I am working on in the midst of all of the "assembly line" quilts  (normally sampler quilts) that I can work on 1 block at a time so that I can still have that enjoyment of working on individual blocks, enjoying the success of completing each block,  and seeing the quilt come together over a lengthy period of time.

We also chatted a bit about what you can find at my blog ;)   I thought this was the perfect time to highlight a few of the "tabs" on my blog, just in case you haven't taken the chance to surf around yet. The "tabs" circled in yellow are the ones that we specifically talked about on the podcast.  They are all pretty self-explanatory of what you will find when you click on them and I hope you will go up to the top of my block and check them out ;)  There really is quite a lot of free tutorials stored up in those little tabs.  And before I move on, I just wanted to highlight my Quilt Archive tab.     We talked in some detail about my Quilt Archive, and I highly encourage any makers to have some sort of "Archive" or Journal of what you make.  It is just a wonderful resource to look back and see all that you have made and to keep a record of your creative journey.  

Next up was a bit about my love of Applique!!!   I referenced my Complex Layered Applique tutorial and have had a few emails asking where to find it.   It can be found right here  and if you are brand new to Applique, you can check out my Applique Basics Video tutorials here ;)  just scroll down bast the finishing your quilts videos.  

And finally, we finished off where we started with the Splendid Sampler.   We discussed my plan for my own personal Splendid Sampler.   And for those that have asked, here is my "layout" for my Splendid Sampler quilt.  I am so excited.   I post each Saturday my Monochromatic blocks for the week, so be sure and follow along to see this come together ;)

And I think that just about covers all of the questions that I have gotten since the radio show.  If you have a question that I missed following up on, please don't hesitate to email me at   I just love hearing from you all.

Thanks again for Tuning In and have a Happy Quilting Day!!
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  1. That sounds like it went beautifully Melissa! It's so nice that you summed it up. Without any closed captioning, I am lost. I have to go and read about how you are so efficient!

  2. That pic of you on the bed pressing is my favorite!! :-) You inspire me to get more done, LOL!!

  3. Love that picture, you're so ambitious :)) really LOVE reading your posts. I'm so inspired and can feel your quilty excitements all the way from Australia .. :))

  4. Wow I love the layered applique!!💚 as I love to applique and draw. I was right there with you. I understood your procedure just fine. I'm not sure I understand your Splendid Sampler Layout, unless you are using a set of colors for different groups of blocks. I thought your schedule was awesome, and would love my life, and think it 100 times easier if my life had a schedule once again. It did years ago, and yes I too was froficient. Great Blog.💖

  5. Since I'm a new reader it took me a while to go back and see your schedule and your applique tutes--good stuff!

  6. Thank you for all your explanations - pictures to words is wonderful. I listened to your Podcast and really enjoyed it. Had to laugh how your husband likes to move the phone just to bug the perfectionist and cleanliness in you :)! I too get ribbed about this - I like things in its place ;)!

  7. OMG I laughed aloud at that picture. My husband is very tolerant of my hobby but I can't imagine what he would say if I ironed while in bed. I DO wish I could accomplish what you do! Oh to be young and energetic again.....


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