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Summer Solstice Quilt-A-Long - Piecing Top and Grand Prize Linky!!!!!

**  NOTE  - This post is part of a series of posts for the Summer Solstice Quilt-A-Long.  If you would like to join (and have a chance to win $100.00 Gift Certificate and Fat Quarter Bundle grand prizes sponsored by The Intrepid Thread and Fat Quarter Shop ) you can find a list of the post links here :)  Here is the schedule

September 1st - Piecing Top and Grand Prize Linky  (Today) 
September 15th- Summer Solstice Parade and Grand Prize Winners

Here we are coming to the end, but  first off for this week, we need to pick a winner for the Building Block Assignment.   And great job to everyone on making their blocks!!!!  I know, that is a whole lot of Pinning, Sewing, and Pressing!!!  Your blocks all look so fantastic and it is just so fun to see them all come together ;)

The Building Block assignment winner who gets a  Just a Speck Jelly Roll from Olie and Evie is . .  .

#12 - What KT Made!! - Congrats :)


And here we go!!!  Its time to finish up our Quilt Tops!!!  (And hopefully, get them quilted up :)  So very exciting, it's our 


 Now that your blocks are all made you can piecing your quilt top together!!!    So fun right ;)

So as you can tell from the picture above, it is a little difficult to get these huge blocks in a picture and once I tried adding the sashing in the picture it just got worse.   Ya, apparently it would help if the ceiling in my sewing room was vaulted ;)  So  I am going to use digital pictures from here on out to make it a little easier to work with each layout and so you can see all parts of the instructions.   Start by laying your blocks out in your chosen layout.  Mine is 3 x 3.  Play with the placement of the blocks until you get a color layout that is pleasing to the eye.


When you have a layout you like you are ready to add the sashing.  Now you don't have to add the sashing if you don't want to. As you can see from above, it creates a  whole new design  without sashing that is pretty fun.  It's your quilt, you make it as you like ;)

So now that you have your blocks laid out where you like them, we need to prepare your sashing strips.   Sew all of your sashing strips end to end and then sub-cut them into the following strips for your project.

A few little notes on the Sashing Strips.

Depending on your size project, you might not have to sew all of your strips together and then sub-cut them.   For instance, If you are doing the 40" block, you don't need to sew your your strips together and then sub-cut the short sashings at 40 1/2", just cut your 42" strips to 40 1/2" ;)   Or, if you are doing the 20" block, subcut half of the strip to the 20 1/2" short strips first, an then sew the remaining strips together to subcut your Long Sasings.   The rest of them are just as fast to sew all of the strips together and then sub-cut as listed above.

And  If you really don't want any seams in your short sashings, you can always sub-cut them from your strips first, and then sew all of the leftover pieces together for the long sashings, that just means you will a few more seams in your long sashings and none in your short sashings.  Its your choice on where you want your seams to end up ;)

 On my Long Sashing Strips  -  I  like to cut mine about 1" longer so I have a little wiggle room.  Then I just trim off the excess after I have sewn it.   Or, many people like to wait to cut their long sashing strips until they have sewn the rows together and then measure the row and cut according to the actual measurement.

It really is hard to try and go over every way you can cut your sashings for each different size option, so if you have any questions don't hesitate to email me ;)    So with your sashings cut, we are ready to start sewing!!!


Let's address one block layouts first.  If you are doing a 1 Block Layout and you want to add the sashing it is just like adding a border.  Layout the sashing strips as shown with the short strips on the sides and the long strips along the top and bottom.  Place the short sashing strips onto the sides of the block with right sides together.  Pin and Sew the short strips onto the side using a 1/4" seam.  Press towards the sashing.  Place the long sashing strips onto the top and bottom of the block with right sides together.  Pin and Sew the long strips onto the top and bottom using a 1/4" seam.  Press towards the sashing.  And your 1 Block Project Top is Complete!!!


Now, if you are doing any other layout, your sashing is a little different.  I will show the examples for a 3 x 3 layout but it is the same process if you are doing the 2 x 2 layout or the 4 x 4 layout.  Place your short sashing strips at the beginning of each row, at the end of each row, and in between each block in every row.

Now, you are ready to sew the Sashing Strips and Blocks into rows.   To do this, I like to first sew the sashing strips to the sides of the blocks.  So place the short sashing strips onto the sides of the blocks with right sides together.  Pin and sew the short sashing strips onto the blocks using a 1/4" seam.  Press towards the sashing strips.

And now, you can sew the Sashed Blocks into your rows.  Place the second block in each row onto the first with right sides together.  Pin and sew the blocks together using a 1/4" seam.  Continue adding one block at a time until the row is complete.  Always use a 1/4" seam and press towards the sashing.

And now with your rows made, you are ready to add the long sashing to finish your quilt top.   This is just like making the rows, only on a larger scale ;)   Place the long sashing strips  at the top of your project, the bottom of your project, and in between each row of your project.

And once again, we will start by sewing the sashing strips to the rows.  Place the long sashing strips onto the rows with right sides together.  Pin and sew the sashing strip onto the row using a 1/4" seam allowance.  Press towards the sashings strips.  

Almost done,   Place the second block in each row onto the first with right sides together.  Pin and sew the rows together using a 1/4" seam.  When you are pinning, take care to align your sashing strips in each row so that your columns don't look askew.  Continue adding one row at a time using a 1/4" seam allowance and pressing towards the sashing until the quilt top is complete.

And now, you can just sit back and enjoy your beautiful Summer Solstice Quilt Top!!!

And while your enjoying,  don't forget to add your beautiful  Summer Solstice Quilt Top to the Happy Quilting Quilt-A-Long Flickr group and to post it on social media using #summersolsticequiltalong.  I am so excited to see all of your beauitful Summer Soslstice Quilt Tops!!!

And while you are adding your pictures above . . . .

You also need to be sure and and your completed Quilt Top to the Grand Prize Linky!!!!  Yippee, we have made it to the Grand Prize!!!!


Remember this from the start??  All those that finish their quilt top will be eligible for the 4 Grand Prizes.  The Grand Prize's are sponsored by The Intrepid Thread and Fat Quarter Shop and huge Thank You goes out to Julie and Kimberly for their generosity in these prizes.

The first 2 winners will each receive a $100.00 Gift Certificates to Fat Quarter Shop and the next 2 winners will each receive a  Custom Cotton + Steel Fat Quarter Bundle from The Intrepid Thread !!!     So fun!!!!!


In order to be eligible to win the Grand Prize you need to Link Up your completed quilt top (not quilted yet, just the quilt top) at the end of this post!!!  You have until the early, early morning of September 15th to get your quilt top sewn together and linked to be entered :)    But remember, You have to have a link at the end of this post to be entered to win one of the Grand Prizes.  


Now, as just mentioned, you only have to have your quilt top done to enter into the grand prize link up . . . However,  I wanted to encourage you to finish these quilts and not set them in a pile of "to be quilted" so I am planning a Parade for the 15th of September :)  The parade will show off all  quilted and bound Summer Solstice Quilts!!  

So, how do you finish up those quilts??? 

Baste It, Quilt It, and Bind It!!  I know, I make it sound all so simple.  If you are new to quilting, and need some help with these last few steps, you can see my Video Tutorials that go over the basics of how to do this ;)  Also, there are some helpful free motion quilting tutorials if you are stuck on how you want to quilt your project ;) 

Once you have your project Basted, Quilted, and Bound it is ready to be showcased it in the Parade.  In order to have it in the parade, I need you to please send me an email  at  with your favorite finished Summer Solstice Quilt picture attached as well as the your name the way  you would like it listed with your photo, where you are from, and a blog, instagram, or flickr photostream link if applicable.  You can email me anytime from now until the evening of September 14th and I will get you added to the Parade!!!  

I am so looking forward to seeing everyone's finishes!!!  You can decide if you would like to add your finish picture to the Flickr group  and Social Media now or wait until after the parade to keep it a secret :)  Grand Prize winners will be announced on September 15th along with the amazing parade filled with all of your beautiful quilts.!!!  I can't wait!!!  I know this is just going to be an awesome parade!!

So, in summary, Link up your finished quilt top (not quilted) at the end of this post by early morning September 15th to be entered for the grand prize linky :)  Email me a picture of your finished quilt (quilted and bound)  with your name, where you are from, and a place to link your picture by September 14th to be part of the parade :)  

Alright, I know that was a lot.  If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to email me at, I don't want any one to miss out on the grand prizes or parades because of confusion ;)

I can't wait to see your finished quilts!!!  Thank you so much for quilting-a-long with me, it has been so much fun and I have loved watching you all stretch and try new things!!!!  Now, off you go to finish up :)

Have a Happy Quilting Day!!!

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  1. This is such a beautiful quilt. I would have loved to make one, but life is too nutty now. Still, yours and all the others look so great. I am impressed with this happy design

  2. I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your all of your work on this quilt a long. The tutorials are fantastic for each step, the photos and clear written instructions have made it so enjoyable. In the past I have shied away from any patterns that have curved piecing or faked it with appliqued units instead, but your step by step instructions made it a clear and easy process and I am so glad I stuck with it. I am very pleased with my first ever curved pieced project!
    This has been a really fun quilt a long, thanks again!!!

  3. The blocks everyone has been working on are wonderful! I love seeing your design done up in so many different ways Melissa. Can't wait for the grand finale!

  4. Thank you SO MUCH for hosting and putting together an awesome pattern! :)

  5. Thanks again Melissa for another great Quilt Along. This one has been one of my favorites. I am disappointed I didn't get mine finished for the parade but I am just happy I got the top finished in time!

    I love all the quilts that were made!

  6. I can't open many of these (my issue I am sure) but they all look wonderful.

  7. My first look a this quilt-along and boy am I impressed at these quilts!
    What a most wonderful design! They are all so very very nice! Congrats to all! Wished I'd done it with you!

  8. Thank you Melissa for this fantastic QAL, clear instructions & photos. I worked very hard to finish my top in time-just under the wire- and when I wanted to post...internet don't work !!! Now all is right, I'm sorry to not have it quilted but I will have more ideas in the parade :)

  9. LOVE seeing all the variations. Great job everyone :)

  10. Hi Melissa! I have a question about the sashing strips. How did you join them end to end, with a seam straight across the end or with a diagonal like you would do for joining binding strips? I've finally got my blocks assembled and in the order I want them. I'll admit it, I'm behind because I watched a lot of Olympics coverage with my kids and then school started with all the forms and parent nights...I'm just getting caught up. Thanks!

  11. I'm considering trying to do quilt-as-you-go on this since the pattern is just begging for me to try something other than an edge to edge swirl or paisley. Have you every quilted anything "as you go" and what is your favorite (easiest) method for joining the blocks? Thanks, Linda


Thank you so much for your sweet comments. I just love hearing from you!!
Have a Happy Quilting Day :)