Thursday, December 29, 2016

Just Quilting Away

Don't you just love that time between Christmas and New Years . . . you know, where you not quite sure what day it is and what your supposed to be doing ;)  Well, this year, I am filling this week with quilting, quilting, and then some more quilting!!!   (and of course, there is some playing with the kids thrown in there too, I mean, I can't completely ignore them when they are out of school ;)   But truly, I had a pile of 7 tops and I just couldn't go into the New Year with that many "to be quilted" projects.

So I started with the small ones first ;)  I knocked out my two improv table runners in no time at all.  I just love matchstick quilting but had always done it on my home machine.   Well, I decided it was time to try the long arm and I was so happy I did.  It was so, so, so fast!!!  I did it free hand and not all the liens are perfectly straight and a few cross over the line next to it, but I was totally okay with it as it just adds to the fun improv feel of them ;)

Next up, was my Crossroads Quilt Along quilt.  I really wanted to get this quilt done this year as it was this years quilt along and if I don't get them done in the same year they tend to sit awhile (ie, my Star Surround is still not quilted)  But I have been procrastinating it as I was a little stumped on how to quilt this.  I have been thinking custom quilting but when I got it loaded on the frames I realized what I really wanted to stand out was all of the tiny piecing that I did in the blocks and I was worried if I quilted them all super custom, that you would see the quilting more than the piecing.  So I decided to just do an all over curly q design to let the piecing shine. (and it helped that I wanted to get it done before the end of the year, all overs are super speedy :)   But I am so glad I did because I just love how it kept the quilt looking so soft.   

And finally, I put my Plume quilt on the frame yesterday . . .  And you know how I love swirls ;)   I quilted a variety of sizes, trying to play with the scale of my swirls and had to show a picture of the back because I just love how this red thread pops on the black and white background.  Isn't that just so fun!!!

And now I can't decide if I want to keep quilting today or put on some bindings ;)  Either way, it is going to be fun for sure ;)

So what are you up to this week??  I hope you are finding lots of quilting time as well ;)

Oh, and  before I sign off . . .

Happy 16th Anniversary Jacob!!!! 

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  1. Your quilting is so pretty! Oh how I long for a longarm to quilt so quickly. :) Great job on getting so much done before the end of the year. You will have so many completed projects and be able to start new ones. Yeah! :)

  2. Happy Anniversary, Time flies doesn't it?
    It has been 32 years for us!
    I love all of your industrious creativity, Melissa
    I am working on tiny projects. It is called "grieving mode". Time sort of stops and I just do little things that require only a few brain cells.
    Happy New Year!♥️

  3. love your quilting. especially the red on the black and white. Happy Anniversary.

  4. Happy New Year to you and family, Melissa!

  5. Happy Anniversary! The comment about not knowing what day it was resonated with me. I really am not sure! Sounds like you're on a roll to get a lot done before the end of the year. Good for you!

  6. Love the Quilting. It feels so good to get some WIP done! Happy Anniversary!

  7. You two make such a sweet couple! Enjoy your anniversary and may you have many more! Yes, I do love this week between holidays. It seems like time is suspended and people are still in good spirits from Christmas. I'm not getting as much done as you are though!

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  9. Happy Anniversary! I am having the same kind of week, free time, what should I do, what day is it, LOL. Sometimes we just need simple quilting to get things done and out the door or in use! I have to keep telling myself not everything needs custom.

  10. Yay! So we have some quilting going on today. Using the Leaders and Enders you taught me about I've been making scrap quilts using 4" squares. We are putting a twin size up on the frame today to tie it with a bunch of homeschool kids and will end up donating it to the local Homeless Coalition. So much fun! Not quite the same kind of quilting but we are still getting it done, right?!

  11. Such a beautiful couple -- Happy Anniversary!
    I just found your blog on Quiltnut's sidebar and am enjoying your lovely quilts and quilting. --And calling up memories of the days when I had 4 children at home, and wondering how you get so much quilting accomplished! :-)
    Wishing you a very happy 2017.


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