Thursday, March 30, 2017

Dutch Tulips

Today I am so excited to share my newest quilt finish, Dutch Tulips.  And I like to call this the "What Little Girls Are Made Of" edition.  And if you can't tell why, I will show you in a minute ;)  How adorable are those tulips!!!!


I loved the new Dutch Tulips pattern from It's Sew Emma the moment I first saw it.  So when I was asked by my good friends at the Fat Quarter Shop to Quilt Along with its release, I was so super excited and of course, all over it!!!

I knew that I wanted to make a big baby size quilt, so I added an additional row to the crib size so that it is the perfect size to snuggle up a little precious bundle in.    And the Impressions Templates made quick work of those petals, I just love me so raw edge applique!!!

I used fabrics from Lella Botique's first line, Into the Woods.  I just love Vanessa's fantastic fabrics and I had some leftover from a project a few years back.  I knew right away that those pinks and reds would be the perfect match for these adorable little tulips!!!

When it came time to quilt, I went with a favorite all over design of curly q's.  I just love how relaxing these are to quilt.    And I added a little something fun in that large floating border.

Before loading the quilt on to the long arm, I printed out the words Cuddles, Kisses, Snuggles, and Love  (Because that is what little girls are made of, so cute!!!!)  I put the print out under the quilt top and traced the words onto it using my water soluble pen.   Then I quilted the all over design around the words, brought the quilt back to the house, and with my gorgeous Aurifl Red, I stitched in those adorable words.   Eeeekkk, I just love it!!!   Such a soft little touch, but just so sweet!!!

And now it looks so perfect and cuddly, it just needs to have a sweet little baby lying on top of it.  Who knows, maybe my twin sister will decide she wants this quilt instead of the other one I was working on.    One can never have to many quilt for baby right ;)

And that is my Dutch Tulips quilt :)   And if you love these tulips as much as I do and want to make your own, you can find the pattern right over here ;)     It really is a fun quilt to make and it went together so quick!!!  I pretty much pieced the entire quilt in an afternoon besides stitching down the applique.   So fun!!!

Thanks for popping in today and each day!!!  And hopefully, these little Tulips can bring some Spring with them ;)  The snow had just melted to take these pictures but I can see a few flowers trying hard to poke up out of the ground.  Just waiting for the Tulips to bloom :)   

I hope you have a very Happy Quilting Day!!!

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  1. Beautiful quilt Melissa and I like the addition of the extra row! Neat colors!

  2. This is absolutely adorable Melissa! So creative!

  3. Oooh,to have a grandchild some day so I can make this sweet sweet quilt for a little one. Boy or girl they might get this quilt. I love the words on it! I'm hoping you created this post BEFORE your surgery today. When you get back home, just lie around, with both of your hands propped up on pillows because you deserve to get waited on :)

  4. Pretty, love the addition of the words

  5. Your tulip quilt is absolutely gorgeous!! Love all the little extras you printed on it - and the quilting - so perfect!!

  6. This sweet quilt is a welcome sight for these winter worn eyes! Love your fabric choices for those pretty tulips. And the quilting with the lovely words was a brilliant idea!

  7. so cute, and I love how you did the words!!!

  8. Gosh, reminds me of the day I was born in the Netherlands. My grandma came over as first grandchild between two families. She gave my mum a quilt that looked just like that. Travelled the world with it and married in New Zealand and all three babies loved it. The dog finally scored it and when he died of old age my children buried him wrapped in it. Xxx

  9. It's so pretty :) I love words embedded in quilting!


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