Saturday, April 1, 2017

Bella Skill Builder - Pineapple Block

Oh my goodness, it's April 1st!!!  But no foolin around today, just another happy Bella Skill Builder day!!  I am really enjoying the Bella Skill Builder hosted by the Fat Quarter Shop and Sherri McConnell!!!!  And this month's skill builder blocks are some that I have always wanted to try . . . the Pineapple Block :)

For this month's tone on tone blocks I choose beutiful shades of yellow (because ya know, pineapple :)  and pinky orange shades of coral (they are more orange than they showed up in this picture :)   For the small version of the block I used Bella Yellow and Baby Yellow.  And for the large version of the block I used Bella Coral and Geranium.   

Like I said, I have always wanted to try a Pineapple Block and right out of the gate, I was super glad to have the Pineapple Trim Tool.  It made my head spin a few times, but once I got the general idea down I was flying through this block. I just love all of the fun angles it creates in the piecing, so cool!!  And be sure to have lots of scraps when making a pineapple block, because you chop off quite a bit :)  But I will say, I figured out some tricks of measuring while you go with the first and didn't have near as much waste with the second.  

And I ended up with a beautiful Pineapple block in all of it's yummy yellow goodness.  And yes, now I want to make an entire quilt of these.  No surprise there :)  I just can't get over all of the fun angles!!!   And I veered a little from the original color layout because I wanted to stick with 2 colors and added one extra round on my block as I am making 12" finished blocks ;)

And you know how I am doing a small and large version of each block, well . . . I figured out the Pineapple Trim Tool enough to add a new sharpie line on it and make 1 1/2" finished strips instead of 1" strips.  I just used the back of the centering square and my new line and away I went.  So fun!!!

But wouldn't you know it, I actually ran out of my piece of Coral with one more round to go.  Oh well.  I figured just adding a fun little border works just as well, and makes the two blocks just a little bit different.   And another round would have had to be trimmed anyway to make it 12" finished so it's all good :)  I actually really like the block bordered, gives it a nice finished look!

And that is the Pineapple block, the second set of blocks in the Bella Skill Builder!!!!  Be sure to download  the free pattern and watch youtube video.  And also pop on over to the  Fat Quarter Shop's blog, Jolly Jabber  for lots more Pineapple Block details and wonderful Pineapple Block eye candy from lots more blogger friends ;)  I can't wait to see what next month brings!!!  It's not to late to come work on your skills and join in the Bella Skill Builder fun!!! 

Have a Happy Quilting Day!!!
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  1. Great looking blocks. I made mine without that super trimming tool. I think it would have been much easier to use that a straight ruler.

  2. I wish they would do these without having to use special rulers.

  3. Hmmm, are you doing this with a hand just out of surgery? I hope you did this ahead of time and just posted it for today. Just wanting you to heal up properly and perfectly! :-) Have a wonderful Saturday!! Hugs, H


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