Monday, April 10, 2017

You can't Bake a Cake (Mix) without Making a Mess :)

So remember when I said I was working on some secret projects . . . We'll Carrie shared this fun post on Friday  and might have included this link to fun, new, Cake Mixes!!! So now, I can share just a few sneak peeks :) So it's no secret that I am so loving these new Cake Mix products (I used Cake Mix 1 to make my Royal Quilt)  because they are so easy to use and are prefect for Layer Cakes!!  So I was super excited when I was asked by my good friends at Moda if I wanted to help them make some Quilts using their newest Recipe's!!!  Don't the "ingredients" looks so pretty all stacked up ready to start baking!!  Those happy prints are Sherri and Chelsi's new Creekside that will be in stores in September.

And of course, you can't Bake a Cake (or a quilt from a Cake Mix) without making a bit of a Mess :)  After sewing on all the lines, it's time to start trimming your pieces from the Cake Mix.  And what pretty trim this makes!!  Especially when you are playing with Sweetwater's new Authentic Line that will be coming out in August ;)

And once everything is trimmed, you get to make a second mess tearing all of the papers from your pieced units.  Even though it looks super messy, it goes super fast.  My daughter helped me make this little mess while we played a family game, always fun when you can multi-task  ;)

And now all that is left is to sew my units together to make my Cake Mix Quilts . . . But no sneak peeks there ;)  No worries though, it won't be to long before I can share them, and I am so super excited for that day!!!   To see more about Cake Mix's be sure and pop on over to the Cutting Table at Moda for lots more ideas.  And this super fun video really helps give you the idea of what they are all about, and like I said, it is just so super fun!!!

Oh, and one last bit of Cake Mix News!!!   Today is the third round of the Fat Quarter Shop Cake Mix Bake Off!!!   So be sure to pop on over and vote for your Favorite of the Cake Mix 3 Projects ;)  They are all so pretty so good luck choosing :)

Have a Happy Quilting (and maybe a bit of baking, because all this talk about cakes is really making me crave an actual chocolate cake ;) Day!!!!

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  1. I definitely am itching to try these. One thing I haven't figured out is the paper... is it regular printer-style paper or the thinner paper piecing paper? I'd love it if it was the thinner stuff, easier to tear away.

  2. Have been reading blogs about these cake mixes for a couple weeks now and can't wait to try:)

  3. I voted! Again, I loved yours best!

  4. I just got some cake mixes in the mail, looking forward to fun with layer cakes!

  5. I asked my LQS to bring some in, I hope they do.

  6. I get the FQS newsletter. Thanks for the chance.

  7. Fun. Could you mail me some authentic scraps? I won't tell anyone! 😀


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