Saturday, July 1, 2017

Bella Skill Builder - Courthouse Steps Block

You know how some months just fly by without you noticing, well that was June.  (And honestly, July will probably be the same ;)  But it's July 1st and that means it is Bella Skill Builder day!!  I continue to really enjoy the Bella Skill Builder hosted by the Fat Quarter Shop and Sherri McConnell!!!!  And this month's skill builder blocks are the ever classic Courthouse Steps block, so fun!!! 

For this month's tone on tone blocks I choose soft shades of yellow and soft shades of purple.  I think they just reminded me of my pansies out front and that made me smile.    For the small version of the block I used Bella Lilac and Sugar Plum (which is just such a great name) .  And for the large version of the block I used Bella Sunshine and Sunflower.   

Now of course, there weren't any measurements for the larger Courthouse Steps block that I made, so I drafted up a quick block in EQ and did the math.  Just in case anyone else wants to make a Giant Courthouse Steps block, here are the measurements.   These go together so fast once the pieces are all cut.  It's just like adding borders on a quilt, top and bottom, press, and then two sides, press. 

And I ended up with a beautiful sunshine goodness giant Courthouse Steps block in no time at all.   Which makes me want to make an entire quilt of giant blocks, I just think that would be a whole lot of fun, especially in rainbow goodness ;)

And then I got to the small block and went to the pattern and realized that I didn't have a 6" Log Cabin Trim tool . . . So, rather than cutting the pieces large and then trimming them down, I went back to my EQ sketch and reconfigured the block for a 6" finished size.   Again, just in case you find your self in the same boat, here are the measurements.  And then of course, you make 4 for the 12" block.

And I just love how cute and little the strips are.  The finish at 3/4" so ya, tiny cuteness!!!  And as you can see, I decided to keep with the two color theme that I have going through all my blocks so far, so that is another slight variation from the blocks in the pattern ;)   

And that is the Courthouse Steps block, the sixth set of blocks in the Bella Skill Builder!!!!  Be sure to download  the free pattern and watch youtube video.  And also pop on over to the  Fat Quarter Shop's blog, Jolly Jabber  for lots more Courthouse Steps Block details and wonderful Courthouse Steps Block eye candy from lots more blogger friends ;)  Six Months down and Four to go!!!  It's not to late to come work on your skills and join in the Bella Skill Builder fun!!! 

Have a Happy Quilting Day!!!
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  1. Oh I like these a lot! I think the colors are awesome

  2. great blocks! My favorite seam ripper is just a plain old white one with a clear top and no name on it. I have had it forever.


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