Friday, August 25, 2017

Bella Challenge Underway

So back in February Moda announced that they would be hosting a Bella Challenge using 12 very bold and fun pre-set colors of Bella Solids.  I decided in March that I wanted to participate and ordered my fabric.   It is now the last week in August and the deadline for the quilts is September 12th . . . so ya . . . it's about time to get this quilt underway!!  Let's just say the design has been percolating for a while ;)   But now I am set  and yesterday was a serious strip piecing kind of day!!!  And it was so much fun :)

I pressed all of my strip sets yesterday evening.  Don't they look so fun in all that bold Bella Solid goodness!!!   And I was so excited, and it wasn't to late (insert wink) , so I headed right to the cutting mat and starting sub-cutting all of my strip sets.  

Then this morning, instead of exercising (because sewing is way more fun!!!) I sewed all of my sub-cut strip sets into giant pieced rows.   Don't they just look so great hanging off the ironing board.  There are 5 sizes and I just love seeing the variation of small to large.   My kids say they look just like their Lego's all pieced into a giant wall. And I have to say, they do indeed make me smile, I mean, how could you not smile at all of the piecing goodness :)

So now, it is time to turn these pieced rows into blocks.   Here is where I am crossing my fingers that the blocks I create will look similar to the concept design that is floating around in my head ;)  It is always fun (and a bit scary) when I piece without a pattern or a set plan.   I mean, there is a basic guidance plan but this project it is still relying a lot on "make it up as you go".   Wish me luck!!  3 weeks to get this one pieced, quilted, and bound, but hey, I always work best with a deadline ;)  

I hope you have a very Happy Quilting Weekend!!!
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  1. Melissa, I know it will be gorgeous because everything you make is!! I work well under pressure, too, but it drives me crazy until I get to that minute that I know I simply must start! Your hanging strips did make me smile! Looking forward to see how this piece progresses...

  2. Looking forward to seeing this explosion of color turn into a quilt! Good luck on getting it done.

  3. I love where this is going, such a blast of color!

  4. I must admit I got a little nervous when you wrote on your blog that you were entering this event because you are so celebrated and so very innovative. But, I am trying anyway. I am trying a quilt block in a way I have never seen before as a social commentary that I must say in this time of so much division in our country and so little respect shown towards immigration and minorities. I will be sewing fast next week when our company is gone!

  5. Can't wait to see the finished quilt!

  6. Can't wait to see the finished quilt!

  7. Wow! That is colourful indeed! And fun. :D

  8. So bright and colorful! Looking forward to seeing it completed!


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