Monday, September 25, 2017

Just Keep Quilting :)

Before I get into today's post, I want to say a huge Thank You to all of the kind words you all sent on my See Squared quilt I posted last Friday!!!   I just can't say how much all of your sweet comments mean to me.  They so made my day and just left me smiling ear to ear over this quilt.  I found out over the weekend that See Squared was not a finalist in the Challenge, but like I said before, I am so okay with that, and am just so happy with the finish and again, am so grateful for all your sweet words about it :)

So onto the weekend!!!   I spent a good part of this weekend, quilting and then quilting some more!!!  Remember those fun metallic pops from Zen Chic's Modern Luster Background I shared back here,  well, that quilt top got finished up and was the first to go on the Long Arm this weekend :)  I opted for some fun open center swirls like I did on this quilt.   This is the second time I used this twist on the swirl and I am just loving it!!!  And now all I have to do is get the binding on this quilt and I will be sharing the finish this Friday!!!  

Next, the Joel Dewberry Florabelle quilt went on the Long Arm.   I was just so happy with how the blocks from here went together in such a pretty quilt top that I decided to do some of my favorite feathered swirls for the quilting which I just thought would add to the beautiful prints!!!  These are always fun to quilt and I love the wonderful movement they give the quilt :)  Again, time to bind this one and I will be sharing it at the first of October and it is going to come with a Tutorial as well!!!

And finally, I squeaked in one last quilt ;)  Remember my Baby Petal Pop from National Sew a Jelly Roll day . . . It's all quilted and I am so super excited!!!   I kept the quilting pretty small on this one and am just so loving all of the wonderful texture it gives the background :)  I used all of my favorites to fill in the background and then I even tried some feathers (which still make me a little nervous) in the Petals.   Eeekk, so fun, I really need to get this one bound fast because I can't wait to share it all finished ;)

So ya, it was a ton of quilting this weekend and the funny thing is . . . that was only half of the quilt tops that I was hoping to get done.  (Ya, it was probably a little unrealistic to think I could quilt 6 tops in a weekend ;)   I still have my second National Jelly Roll Day quilt top, the Jelly Roll Slice to quilt up.   I think I want to quilt an all over curl, but haven't for sure decided on that yet ;)

And then there is the Chuckles quilt top that I finished back here.   I decided on a cute simple wave design that I think will be so adorable with the fishes.

And finally, remember that Square Dance pattern that I decided to do at the end of National Sew a Jelly Roll Day  . . . well, I took the fabrics with me this week to Layton Utah where I was teaching at the Utah Quilt Guild Retreat, and when I wasn't teaching, I was sewing away in my room.   And yippee, I managed to finish the quilt top.  So one more to be quilted right ;)

Luckily, all three of these are baby size so they should go pretty quick once I get them on the Long Arm :)   So here's hoping lots of finishes to share soon!!!  I best get back to quilting :)

I hope you have a very Happy Quilting Day!!!
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  1. Love all the beautiful quilting eye candy here. You've been quite busy.

  2. I love your quilt for the Bella Challenge! All your quilts are so great. I only have my Bella Challenge quilt top done, but I did learn this ingenious new way to make flying geese blocks. I will always have this! I hopefully will have the motivation to finish this because my goal was also a social commentary about all the labeling, bickering, and infighting going on all around it. Geese are so encouraging as they fly. One takes the hard job as the leader of the group, flapping hard. The others honk to help this leader take all the turbulence. Then when the leader tires, another comes forward and the leader goes in the middle where it is easier to fly to rest. And so on. We need to be like this in the world and in our nation. The civility I was raised with is so lacking now in so many places! So, that I why I made geese...Thanks for listening.


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