Monday, October 30, 2017

October Sew Sampler Box!!!

Wow, it's like I blinked and October came and has just about went.   I still need to figure out Halloween costumes (good think we have a dress up box that is overflowing ;) But with October coming to a close, it means happy mail in another wonderful Sew Sampler box arriving :)  This month's theme is Nightfall Reflections and I might have just squealed out loud when I opened this box!!

And I mean, how can you not, when there is Tula inside!!!!  Yup, I am a total Tula Trooper so when I found this gorgeous Spirit Animal Fat Quarter Bundle tucked inside my box, I was pretty excited :)  Now to decide if I want to make that beautiful Mesa Valley Quilt, or hoard that Tula on my shelf.  Only time will tell, tee hee hee ;)

And my daughter has already claimed this super cute Everything Mary Zip Around Sewing Kit!!!   And I have to say, I am pretty excited that she want's her very own sewing kit!!!   I tried to make it seem like it was hard for me to give it to her, but inside I was like, Yes, Yes, Yes!!!  I love being able to sew with my children and see them get equally excited ;) 

And how cute is this Bitty Buddy container.   Barbara and I were just saying the other day that we needed something at the Quilt House to put in the middle of the sewing machines for the grandkids to through all of their bits and pieces in.  It's like I put a thought out there, and Fat Quarter Shop just grants my request.  So perfect!!!  And speaking of Barbara, she is getting the Sticky Thimble Dots, because you all know I am still not great at hand stitching as she is still so sweet to do my hand bindings, so ya, she will need them much more than I, and she is pretty excited about them too!!! 

And of course, there is this month's Basket Block!!!   I am just loving all of these little baskets and I really want to just make them all up.   It's about this point where it is always hard for me to wait for next month's pattern because I just can't wait to see it come together ;)  But hey, it's a good practice in patience, right, and it will make the final quilt all the more exciting!!! 

And that is my October Sew Sampler Box  . . . and I have to say, what made this box so great is that there was something for everyone around me that loves this quilting passion as much as I do !!!!  And getting to quilt with the ones you love is what makes is so fun!!! 

I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting Day!!!!  
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  1. This was my favorite Sew Sampler box! And yes, I am in the middle of making that Mesa Valley quilt. The background is a light tan from Connecting Threads rather than a stark white (although that would look good anyway with those Tula Pink fabrics). Sandy at


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