Monday, November 13, 2017

Gingerbread Cake Mix Quilt

I love to make quilts using the new Cake Mix Papers from Moda!!!    I have made 3 this year (quilts here and here) and absolutely loved playing with the designs you can create and the ease of how the quilts go together.  So when I was asked by the Fat Quarter Shop if I wanted to make a Cake Mix Quilt from their new The Cake Mix Quilt Book, I was all over it!!!   And guess what, I got to make the first quilt which just happens to be the cover quilt . . . Gingerbread :)  And isn't it just so fun!!!

I just love how simple this pattern is and yet in the fun layout, it just seems to shine like the sun.  And like I said, the great thing about the Cake Mix Papers is that the piecing of the quilt goes together like a snap.  If you haven't used Cake Mix Papers before, you can see any of these awesome videos that Fat Quarter Shop and Carrie Nelson (the cake mix paper creator ;)   has made to walk you through the process.

  I also took a few pictures along the way of making my Gingerbread quilt to give you the general gist of them and show just how easy they are to use.   You start with a Print Layer Cake (or charm pack or jolly bar, depending on the recipe you are using ;)  and a Solid Layer cake and a Cake Mix Recipe Pad.

Then you layer a solid cake square, a print cake square, and a cake mix recipe sheet.  Sew on the dotted lines, and then cut on the solid lines.  Super simple!!!

Then rip the papers out and press.  And I have been asked lots if they papers come out easy, and the answer is yes, just use a slightly shortened stitch length when sewing.  And just like that, you have all of the pieces you need to make your quilt blocks and they are all perfectly sized.  So fun!!!

Which then means you can get right to sewing your blocks together and then sewing them into a beautiful quilt ;)  I used a Vintage Picnic Layer Cake by Bonnie and Camille for my Gingerbread quilt and I just love how happy it makes the quilt feel!! 

When it came time to quilt it up, I decided to do a favorite that I only can use every once and a while because the quilt has to have enough "guide" lines in it.  And this one was perfect!!!   So L and E in wonderful vertical rows it was :)    I loaded the quilt horizontally on the longarm and then just used the guide of 2 quilted lines per small HST.  Super easy and oh so much fun to quilt!!!

And I absolutely love the texture!!  It's just so organic and has such wonderful whimsical movement.  Almost like a waterfall flowing down the quilt.   I am just thrilled with how it makes the design pop all the more!!!

And that is my Gingerbread Quilt and I have to say, there is one little girl in our house that is so super excited to have it on her bed!!!  Her old quilt was looking a little "loved" and when I showed her the Gingerbread Cake Mix Quilt she fell in love and even picked the layer cake.   I am sure this one will be well loved in no time!!!

Thank you so much to the Fat Quarter Shop for having me Quilt Along.  I can't wait to make up more quilts from The Cake Mix Quilt Book and you know I have a stack of Layer Cakes and Cake Mix Papers ready to get stitching ;)   And be sure to follow the Quilt Along along each Monday at the Jolly Jabber where a blogger friend will share another Cake Mix Quilt Book Quilt :)  

Thanks so much for popping in today and sharing this Gingerbread Cake Mix quilt with me ;)  

And now I am curious, have you tried a Cake Mix Quilt before??

Have a Happy Quilting (and maybe Cake Making)  Day!!!
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  1. I have not tried one but your tutorial and another blogger's has got my interest peaked today! Lovely quilt!

  2. This is a very appealing quilt. What size is it? (That's the only thing missing from the book's description on the FQS site--no quilt sizes to go with the quilt illustrations.)

  3. I am currently getting ready to do one of these. Love them and your quilt.

  4. I haven't tried one yet but after seeing yours and that of someone else in blogland, I am anxious to try one. Your quilt looks great.

  5. I've used up a layer cake with a cake mix, but I haven't decided on the layout of my HSTs, so they're all paper-free and pressed and ready to go when I am. :-) Love your Gingerbread quilt!

  6. Haven't used the cake mix for a quilt yet. Nancy A:

  7. I have not tried a cake mix but I would love too

  8. Coincidentally I have! I love your quilts - as ever, they're beautiful!

  9. LOVE the Cake Mix and the Cupcake Mix Recipes! I have made 6 Cake Mix quilts so far and have another Cake Mix flimsy ready for my Gammill and a darling Cupcake Mix flimsy top that will have to wait for 2018 to be fulfilled.

  10. Love your interpretation of the Gingerbread quilt.

    No, I have not used any of the cake mixes yet.

  11. If I had been a farmer's daughter, I think mucking out the stalls would be my absolute least favorite thing to do. I would definitely enjoy canning the vegetables and making jellies and jams, however.

  12. I haven't tried any of the cake mixes yet. The accuracy and speed of making the HSTs are very appealing. I will enjoy trying this method.

  13. I have all of the cake mix recipe books. I want to a special one for Christmas... Any ideas?


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