Thursday, November 9, 2017

Longarm Quilting Workbook

I am always on the look out for a good Free Motion Quilting book, so I was super excited about the Longarm Quilting Workbook by Teresa Silva.  And what made me so excited about this FMQ book is that it is geared towards Longarm Quilting!!!  Just like FMQing on your home machine, there is a learning curve on a Longarm and I didn't get a whole lot of "training" on it when I bought it.  I think like most things, it is learn as you go. 

And that is why Chapter 1, First Steps was so exciting for me!!!   This chapter goes over all of the things I wish I would have known to ask when looking to buy a longarm.  I know I get questions all the time on why I bought the machine I did, and this section really breaks that down.    Teresa also goes over fabrics, threads, batting, rulers, marking tools . . . pretty much everything you need to know to get started.  I am so excited with this chapter and all of the wonderful tidbits I am learning from it!!! 

Chapter 2 is what you would expect to find in a FMQing book.  Lots of wonderful quilting Motifs.   These motifs are pretty basic and easy to learn and work perfect in quilting.   I felt like as I flipped through this section,that I had tried almost all of the Motifs with good success and really represent a quilters "toolbox" of quilting motifs. 

And along with those basic motifs, I love that Teresa gives you ideas of some variations to add some pop to the design.  For example, if you have been around for a bit, you know I love quilting Ribbon Candy in borders and sashing, but I had never through to add a swirl in the Ribbon Candy.  How fun is that!!!

And then we get to Chapter 3, which I have to say is what truly made me fall in love with this  Longarm Quilting Workbook.    Doodling & Drawing takes those 20 basic Motifs and variations on the motifs, and teaches you how to combine them into quilting masterpieces!!!

It is easy for me to get overwhelmed with Custom Quilting and resort back to my favorite all over fillers, but this chapter really helps to show that those Custom Quilting jobs are just All Over Fillers quilted in specific places.   It walks you through breaking up spaces and seeing them filled with lots of amazing designs.  I am so excited to learn more about Doodling my way to worry free Custom Quilting ;)

Chapter 4 has 3 pieced projects that walk you through beginning to end of how to put that project together, including the quilting of course.  I wish there would have been a few more projects in this section but its a FMQing book, so I am okay with that ;) 

And finally, Chapter 5 is a Gallery of Teresa's beautiful quilts!!!  And I love this section because it is just full of that "Custom Quilting inspiration" and walks you through Teresa's thought process on each project.  You really get an idea of how she sees the quilts and decides what to quilt where, which is super helpful!!!    And can I just say that I love that this workbook is Spiral Bound . . .  Love that!!!

I am super excited about this book arriving and adding it to my Quilting Library!!   It's such a wonderful new resource for me, and if you are one of those folks who have emailed me Longarming Quilting questions you might find the Longarm Quilting Workbook to be an excellent addition to your quilting library as well ;)  

And now that's enough typing about Longarm quilting . . . It's time to get going on some actual longarm quilting action!!!  It's going to be a fun filled afternoon ;)

Hope you have a Happy Quilting Day!!!
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