Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Red and White Quilting

So if you have been around for a while, you know that I love making quilts in a Red, White, and Black combo, for my Alma Mater.  But I also love the two color Red and White quilts just as much!!!  I made this Ruby Jubilee Braided Irish Chain Quilt, this year, and ever since I finished, I have been thinking I want to make one of these classic Red and White quilts each year.  So when I saw Linda Pumphrey's new Red & White Quilting Book, I knew it was perfect!!!

This book has so many iconic Red and White blocks!!!  They are divided by size block and whether they are applique, piecing, or a combination of both.  And you know how I just love Applique ;)

I mean, how cool is this appliqued Sunburst block!!!  You know I totally want to make this block, it just looks like so much fun with all of it's applique goodness ;)

And I just love the classic pieced blocks as well.  Does this Chimney Block look familiar ;)  So fun!!!  And I love that Linda included a fun little "tidbit of history" to go with each of the blocks.  It really is fun to see the when/where/and for what of these blocks.

But the part I really love about this book, is where Linda takes all of those fun blocks she introduced, and puts them into projects!!!   And these projects are incredible.   Here is that Sunburst block combined with a Drunkards Path Block.  Awesome!!!  And seeing this has me wanting to go back to Red and White for it ;)

And there are also more "Modern" inspired designs.  Like this Carpenter's Square quilt!!!   I just love all of those tiny little lines criss crossing.   Just Stunning!!!  This one has gone on my "to make someday" list as it would make a great Alma Mater quilt as well ;)

But the quilt that I want to make right away, is this gorgeous Wintertime Quilt!!!  It is all applique, so it would be perfect to work on cutting out on car rides and such :)   But, as it is called Wintertime quilt, I am envisioning it in gorgeous Navy's, Crystal Blues, and deep Greys.  Wouldn't that be so fun!!!  I see a new winter quilt for next year ;) 

I just love all of this Red and White inspiration and plenty more "to do someday's" added to my ever growing list.   Now to just pick out which one will be my 2018 Red & White Quilting quilt ;)  

How about you . . . Any particular quilt that you have on your To Make List for 2018???

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  1. Love this book. I've always wanted to make a red and white quilt. Loved all the ones at Houston Quilt Festival during their jubliee. This year I'd like to finish a tree of life quilt. I just have to decide on my colors. There are so many variations out there.

  2. I have always wanted to make a red and white quilt...hopefully soon. Have you ever found any solid red that doesn't run? I always pre-wash but I don't want to buy a bunch of yardage and then be afraid to use it. I need to make a quilt for my nephew which I promised him last year after he saw his brother's quilt, which I made. (a Bento Box design) I would like to make it for him so he can use it before the winter ends. Since it's so hard to find masculine prints, I will use shirt plaids. I am trying to decide on a design and am currently involved with a mystery quilt, which is almost over. Other than that, there are a gazillion quilts I plan on making next year.

  3. My first quilt of 2018 will be your BRAIDED IRISH CHAIN QUILT.!!!! I had won a lovely jelly roll and had a lovely quantity of a gorgeous leaf print (purchased years ago for a quilt I never made!). I’ve just learned that my brother-in-law (who just turned 55 this year) is getting married (for the first time!). I met his fiancĂ© this summer and she’s lovely. I thought they should have a special quilt.!! Can hardly wait to get started.

    I’m making myself finish putting together the second section of my 150 Canadian quilt (6.5” red and white blocks!) before I cut and start my Braided Chain!! New Years Day I hope!!


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