Monday, January 29, 2018

January Sew Sampler Box!!!

It's the end of January already, wow, where did that month go!!!  The one wonderful thing about another month come and gone, is that it means another lovely blue box in my mailbox!!!   This month's theme is Butterfly Kisses and this Sew Sampler box  is filled with all kinds of adorable goodness!!!

I can't get over how adorable this Butterflies and Berries 10" Stacker by Riley Blake Designs is!!!  I just love those sweet colors and the prints are oh so cute!!!  The Flitter exclusive sew sampler pattern is equally adorable, and I have already had 2 little girls ask if I will make them the Butterfly quilt they saw in my blue box . . . yes, my girls have come to realize that the blue box is just as fun for them to go through as it is for mom ;)   Looks like I will be adding this quilt to my To Make List ;)  

And I just love these to cute for words Just Pins!!!  And wouldn't you know, they go just perfect with my Tuffet that I finished last week!!!!!   Don't they just look like I totally picked this fabric to go with the pins ;)  Just Pins has a whole assortment of these hand crafted pins and I can totally see myself collecting more of them to adorn my Tuffet, especially that cute little cupcake one!!!

And this month had a whole assortment of notions that I am just so excited about!!!  I absolutly love Lori Holt's Cute Cuts rulers and so I was super excited to find the 1 1/2" x 6 1/2" ruler in this months box!!!  It will be just perfect for cutting HST's in half :)   And the Needle Carry Card  was just what I needed.  I actually had to do some handwork when I was making my Tuffet and I had to go to the garage to get some pliers to get the needle out of the package it came in.  When I saw this little card, I immediately switched all of my hand needles to it!!!  And finally, those to cute Bee in my Bonnet Bandages!!!  This is something that I would never buy for myself, but I am so excited for!!  Every time I teach, someone always needs a bandage.  Most of the time it is just little pin sticks or even paper cuts from the pattern, but how fun will it be to give them a Sewing Bandage instead of a regular ole brown one.   Just to cute!!!  

And last but certainly not least,  this month's Basket Block!!!   Block 10 and I am just loving these.  This is the first time where I used the background color in the print color as well and I really like it.  I might just be doing that for the remaining 2 blocks :)   And can you believe it, 2 more blocks and it will be time to sew up another quilt top.  So fun!!!

And that is my January Sew Sampler Box  . . . and I just love it!!!  I don't know how Fat Quarter Shop just keeps managing to send me so many wonderful things.  And I love that so many of them are things that I wouldn't think to get myself, but are such wonderful little treats just for me :)   What can I say, I just love when my little blue box arrives :)

I am off to work on my upcoming Moda Bake Shop tutorial ;)  I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting Day!!!!

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