Saturday, January 27, 2018

Spelling Bee Saturday - M is for Measure

It's another Spelling Bee Saturday and this one is a fun one because the Letter M is another one of my assigned weeks to share as part of the Spelling Bee Sew Along!!!   And I am thrilled because I am absolutely love this amazing Spelling Bee Book  by Lori Holt.  She makes piecing so fun and easy and I am just loving how my two alphabets are coming together ;)

This Spelling Bee Saturday is brought to you by the Letter M.   I originally signed up to do the letter M (and I also did C)  because that's the letters in my initials :)   But as I was piecing this M, and pulling out all my  Lori Holt Cute Cuts Rulers  to cut all those tiny pieces, I thought M is way more about Measuring in these blocks!!!  So ya, M is for Measure!!!  

And if you have been following along with my Spelling Bee Saturday posts, you know I am making two sets of each letter ;)   And I am thrilled to say, that I am all caught up with my letters, and half way through the alphabet, not to shabby!!  I did miss a few picture blocks, but my goal is to get those made this week so that I will be totally caught up :)    

And I tell you what, I am just so glad I joined in this fun QAL!!!!  I am having so much fun with all of this piecing and  I just am so excited about these quilts!!!  Every time I see this cover, I just squeal at how totally cute these quilts are going to turn out and how perfect they will be as a special thank you for some very special people!!! 

And it's not to late to join in the Spelling Bee fun!!!  Trust me, once you start sewing these you can't stop and you can catch up (just like me) in no time ;)    Grab a Spelling Bee book and get measuring, cutting, stitching and smiling!!!  . And you have lots of help keeping up as there are fun blogger's every Saturday sharing their Spelling Bee blocks as well :)  

See ya next week with the letter O and hopefully those few picture blocks I need to catch up on!!!! 

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  1. Lovely letter Mm's! How wonderful that you are making enough for two quilts right away. Have fun with the picture blocks :)!


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