Friday, January 12, 2018

Make a Wish Patchwork Quilt Finish!!!

I am so excited to share this finish!!!!  Every month last year, I shared six adorably cute blocks from the Patchwork Quilt Along hosted by the Fat Quarter Shop.   And today, only 12 days into the year I might add, I am sharing my finished Patchwork Quilt Along quilt!!!!   When I was trying to decide what to name it, I went back to the wonderful cause it sponsored as I figured it would be a great reminder.  So without further ado, here is my Make A Wish Patchwork Quilt!!!

Eeekk!!!  I can not even begin to say how much I love this finish!!!  Those patchwork blocks all finish at 5" and they are just to cute for words!!!  I had so much fun quilting along all year long, and to see all of that come together, well I am just grinning from ear to ear ;)  I mean, how can you not smile at all of those little 1" patchwork goodness with all of it's perfect little points.   So fun!!!

I used Sherri and Chelsi's Desert Bloom fabric for Moda for this quilt and it was just the perfect choice!!!  I absolutely love how their fabrics read as one color as it really lets this tiny patchwork stand out in each and every single block!!!!   And when you get close, you still get to see all of the wonderful little detail in the fabric, just perfect!!!  And you know I just love how happy and bright the colors are as well!!

When it came time to quilt it, I really wanted to do something to again, make that tiny little patchwork stand out.  So after debating for a bit, I decided some simple patchwork quilting might do just that ;)      I did simple 1" lines in both horizontal and vertical to make a grid. I was a little nervous to start, as I was afraid the quilting might "cut up" the patchwork.  But it actually just emphasized the patchwork already there.   And I just love it!!!  It really was what I was hoping it would do ;)

And for the border, I did some favorite all over swirls ;)  I just love the little bit of added movement it gives and it is always a fast and fun way to finish the quilt ;)   And of course, I am just loving all of the wonderful texture, so pretty!!!

And that is my finished Make a Wish Patchwork Quilt!!!!   And I am just so, so, so happy with it ;)  It finishes at 58" x 64" so it will make a wonderful lap quilt :)  And I am going to keep with my little tradition of donating the annual Fat Quarter Shop Charity Quilt to a charity that is near and dear to me, the Festival of Trees that supports Primary Children's Hospital ;)  Look at that, it is January and I already have my quilt for December finished!!!

Thank you so much to Fat Quarter Shop for this wonderful Quilt Along!!!  It was so much fun to participate in and to support such an amazing cause!!!!   And if you want to quilt along this year, you are just in time.  The Clementine Quilt Along  that supports St. Jude's Children's Hospital will be starting on the 15th of this month with the Fabric Requirements being posted and then the first block being posted on the 25th ;)  I am so excited, I just love these quilts that are super fun to make, and for a great cause!!!  

Thanks for popping in today and sharing this Make a Wish Patchwork Quilt finish with me!!!  I am just so grateful to have this space to share my love of quilting with each of you ;)   I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting Day!!!

Lining this finish to Amanda's, and Sarah's ;)

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  1. I absolutely love the way that you quilted this! The checkerboard quilting makes the center look like it was made up of itty bitty tiles! :D

  2. I love the straight line quilting. It really is beautiful.

  3. Your quilting really shows off those little blocks!

  4. This quilt is stunning and for such a wonderful cause. Everything about it is just perfect!

  5. Hi Melissa,
    What good timing for me to read this post. Not only is your quilt fabulous - the quilting is perfect to show off each individual block and all of its perfection. But also, to mention the QAL for St. Jude's Children's Hospital. That organization is so dear to my heart and my young nephew died when he was only 2 many years ago (he would be 33 now), and that organization was so kind to my sister and us. To think I could make a quilt for them and another child might find comfort from it is so worthy. I would allow me to keep giving back. So thank you so much for mentioning all of this today! It was meant to be that I read this. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. Oh it's beautiful, and the blocks are so teeny tiny and so cute - what a gorgeous finish :)

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    1. This quilt is so cute and I'm sure your donation at Festival of Trees is so happy to receive it!

  8. Looks fantastic Melissa. All blocks are finished and on my list to SOON.

  9. Your quilting choice was so spot on! It makes it look like an old fashioned embroidery sampler--perfectly charming.

  10. Wow! I really like the effect of the grid quilting on this. It makes the whole quilt look like a giant cross stitch project. The swirly quilting in the border is the perfect touch.

  11. It turned out so beautiful, and I think the quilting you did on it us just perfect!! Isn't it funny when you realize that the simplest quilting is really the best way to make a quilt shine?! What a wonderful finish!! Hugs, H

  12. Oh my! It looks like cross stitch!

  13. The quilt is so beautiful, I had bought a layer cake of the same fabric, so I followed along with you all year. Now to put mine together. Love the quilting.

  14. Congratulations on a gorgeous finish! Wowzer that's amazing!

  15. Love what you do and that you share with us!! I am a follower! Thank you!


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