Thursday, March 29, 2018

March Sew Sampler Box!!!

Another month come and gone and another happy Blue Box arriving on my doorstep!! My March Sew Sampler box showed up and I was all kinds of squealing when I opened the lid to see that Spectrum was this month's theme ;)    I just knew it was going to have a rainbow of quilty goodness inside and it did not disappoint!!! So excited!!!

I have already played with Vanessa Christensen's new Ombre Confetti Metallic fabrics in this Shine Quilt and Tutorial, so I was so happy to find a Half Yard Bundle of 4 stunning colors!!  Doesn't that just make you so happy for Spring :)   I don't know what these are going to be used for yet, but I am thinking they will be for something special indeed.  

And how fun is this new Curvy Log Cabin ruler!!!   Talk about some fun tiny piecing.  And I am so loving that center star in The Sparkler Quilt.  This has me wanting to make a quilt of just curvy stars.  Wouldn't that be so awesome!!  And since the ruler just trims, I can just use scrappy strips to put it together and it will go so quick ;)

And I was thrilled to see more True Grips!!  These were in one of the first Sew Sampler Boxes and I love adding them to the backs of my rulers.  They really do eliminate a lot of the slipping, which is nice as I try not to put as much pressure on my ruler anymore (don't want to have to have carpal tunnel surgery again in 5 years, tee hee hee ;)   And finally, this Bella Rose Gold Tape Measure is just so pretty.   I don't see myself using it a whole lot (not much of a garment maker here ;)  but I know just the person that it will be a wonderful little gift for ;)   

And I am so, so, so excited because this is the final Basket Block!!!   Block 12 and wow, I can't believe how fast that went by!!!  My goal is to get all 12 blocks made up into a quilt before next month, because I wan't this done before we see the big reveal of what to expect for the next year!!!  I totally can't wait to see this new years blocks ;)

And that is my March Sew Sampler Box  . . . and wow, this marks the end of 2 years with Sew Sampler and I have just loved every month of it!!  Can't wait for Year 3 to see what amazing quilty goodness it brings!!!

Have a Happy Quilting Day!!!

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  1. I just love getting these boxes. Get to try out different tools and fabrics. Havent been disappointed yet.

  2. No pressure, you really should try Alex Anderson's new mats and rulers. I have bad wrists, long story. Her rulers, mat and cutter are amazing.


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