Wednesday, June 20, 2018

180 More Doodle Quilting Designs!!!

I am so super excited to share the newest book in the Doddle Quilting.   You might recall back here when I shared a similar post on 180 Doodle Quilting Designs well, this is it's Sister Volume, 180 More Doodle Quilting Designs and it is jam packed with amazing Free Motion Quilting Designs to help you discover even more quilting goodness!!!

This book is set up just like the last book and has a wonderful "How To Use This Book" guide that will walk you through Tracing, Doodling, and Quilting all of the fun designs found in the pages of 180 More Doodle Quilting Designs .  And I had to squeal a little bit when I found that one of my free motion designs, Loopy Daisies, was the sample they used for the instruction page.  How fun is that!!!!   I love loops for learning Free Motion Quilting, they just flow and are great for beginning, and then throw in a flower here and there and super cuteness :) 

Each design in the book is shown in three layouts.  A square, a triangle, and a rectangle.  This really allows you to see how the design will look in different parts of your quilt, whether you are using it in a block, a border, or a setting triangle.   And of course, a lot of the designs work for an all over or edge to edge design as well ;)   This is my Wild West design, and again, it has you practicing those fun loops but add a star instead of a flower.   This one has you practicing loops and straight lines, which will add to your free motion quilting toolbox as well!!  

And there is one other design I have in the book, and it is one of my all time favorites for borders!!!  The Wavy Peel!!!  It is just a slight change on a double arch, but the wave adds so much fun ;)  And isn't it great to see how it actually looks in a quilt.   This was my Sun, Sea, and Sand quilt and the Wavy Peel was the perfect border design for this beach inspired quilt ;) 

Those are my three designs that can be found in 180 More Doodle Quilting Designs but there are so, so, many more amazing Free Motion Quilting Designs found in the pages of this awesome book.  You will find a bevy of designs from 15 different designers in all styles and skill levels.   And all you have to do to practice is trace, doodle, and quilt!!!   

I was absolutely thrilled to be a part of the original 180 Doodle Quilting Designs and am equally excited to be a part of the second volume 180 More Doodle Quilting Designs!!!   What an honor indeed.   Both of these books are just amazing resources for free motion quilting resources and something you will want to have in your quilting library!!! 

 And it wouldn't be a book reveal, without a giveaway!!!  For your chance to win a copy of  180 More Doodle Quilting Designs pop on over to Martingale and cross your fingers that you get lucky!!!  Your going to love this book!!!

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I hope you all have a very Happy (Free Motion) Quilting Day!!!!

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  1. This is ingenious! I,m not very good at doodling with pencil and paper, but do okay on a big white board. I look forward to checking this book out! I need all the help I can get!

    1. It is a smart way to get a lot of practice. And I love that it gives you lots of creative ideas on quilt designs. I think we tend to get stuck doing the same designs over and over because they are what we are comfortable with. At least, I know I do ;) This just gives me a lot of help stepping outside my comfort zone and trying new things!


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