Thursday, June 21, 2018

Dessert Sampler - Block 1

Don't you just love how a good little quilting session can brighten your day!!  It has been "a week", so yesterday afternoon, I decided I needed a little something to cheer myself up.  So I pushed aside all of the "deadline" projects, and ignored the dirty dishes and laundry, and just sewed for fun!!  And since I just choose Moda's new Dessert Sampler for my new Long Term, No Deadline, All Fun Project, it was the perfect thing to work on!!!   And I finished Block 1 ;)   And boy oh boy, does it bring a smile to my face!!!!

And as soon as I was done stitching it together, I immediately wanted to start working on another block!!!  But I decided, I wanted to do a little organizing first.  I don't want to let myself sit and cut out all the blocks, as that will take out the "one block at a time" feel that I am going for with this project.  But I did go through my Layer Cakes and slice them all in half and then sort them in 6 color ways so I can follow the 6 color ways layout in the Dessert Sampler pattern.

And I also saw that in the beginning of the Dessert Sampler pattern there is a list of strips to cut for the Background Fabric to make that go faster as well ;)   So I cut all of those strips.  And now with my Cupcake 1 and 2 Mix arriving, I am super set for Dessert Sampler block goodness!!!

In Fact, I even had a little time to cut out Block 2!!!  It's all set to sew :)   And I am super excite to see all of these happy reds and corals come together.  So pretty!!!

 Don't you love how everything just seems to fall away when you are Happy Quilting!!  I know I sure do ;)

I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting Day!!!

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  1. So if you did a post on the Dessert Sampler book, I missed it. are the blocks in it done with the cupcake recipes, or what is the book based on? Thanks! Helen

    1. Just paged back through some of you posts and found out what it is! Looks fun!!!

    2. Glad you found it!!! It is going to be so much fun to work on over the next little bit ;)

  2. yes Melissa. This block is so cute. I have a leader ender project with little hsts 2.5". This is a nice block to try and make

    1. It indeed is a fun block. And way to go on the Leaders and Enders ;)


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