Saturday, July 28, 2018

July Sew Sampler!!!

July's Sew Sampler box theme was Adventure Awaits and my goodness, has July been filled with adventure.   What with 3 weeks of camping and most of it in the rain and then a thrown in surgery to repair my son's torn elbow tendon, well I think we can say we have had our fill of Adventure this month :)    And what better way to come home to it all, than with an adventure in amazing quilting goodness!!!  Eeekkk, this box is so fun!!!

First off, you have this adorable Petite Vintage Adventure Rolie Polie!!!  I just love these colors together, and the prints are oh so cute with little campers and bicycles ;)  And the Daisy Dresden quilt pattern is just to cute for words!!!   And I was thrilled to see that everything you need to make this quilt was also included in the box :)

Staring with a EZ Quilting Dresden Set!!!!  I absolutly love making Dresden quilts (this Double Dresden Delight is still a super popular tutorial on the blog ;)  And this is one ruler that I am happy to have 2 of.  And I so excited about that bonus Bamboo Point Turner that came with the ruler, that is so going to come in handy!!  (Much better than the BBQ skewer I was using before ;)   And how adorable is that Vintage Trim from Bee in My Bonnet!!!   It's going to be so hard to take that off that fantastic wooden spool, it might just have to serve as decoration for a little while before I can use it ;)  

And of course, you need a little Interfacing to make the Dresden centers.   I love Lori Holt's method for doing the centers, it makes turning those edges so easy!!!   And I can always use more needles, and I have never tried the Chrome Needles before and am excited to do so :)

And of course, with a new box, there is a new Barn Block!!!   After some debate, I decided that I actually didn't like the grey and black placement switched out in the blocks like I did last month.   The grey just doesn't pop like the black.   So I went back to the same layout as the pattern and will have to remake Block 3 ;)  Ah well, better to decide now than 6 blocks into it, tee hee hee.     And this month's block has some metallic features.  Gotta love finding special scraps in the drawer.  To fun!!!

And that's my July Sew Sampler Box!!!   And wow, it sure has an adventure of quilting goodness waiting for me to jump into :)

I hope you all are having a very Happy Quilting Day!!!

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