Thursday, October 11, 2018

Dessert Sampler - Block 3!!

I have been working on quilting and binding a stack of quilt tops over the last few days, which is always so fun!!!  And since I still wanted to do a little piecing in all of that quilting time, I squeezed in a little Dessert Sampler block goodness and made block 3!!! And this block has purple!!!!   Love it!!!

And, thanks to the super fast cupcake papers,  I already have a good amount of piecing done on the 4th block!!  It should be pieced together soon :)  , It is just so fun to have  this project  that I can work on here and there ;)  I am so loving it!!! 

Although I have to admit, I keep getting tempted to sit down and cut out all the blocks so that I can sew them together assemble line and see all of this figgy goodness come together.   But I keep reminding myself that this is not that kind of project.  Well see if I can hold out to this one block at a time for the entire project ;)  

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  1. Oh this is so pretty. I love it. the fabric too.
    In the end, with patience, your reward will be um, ... self control.
    ... or something

  2. I did this same quilt kit over the summer, it was such a joy to finish...

  3. You make this complicated looking block look so easy.

  4. I just purchased the desert sampler quilt kit. My quilt shop is going to do this starting in the New Year. I can hardly wait. Your square looks great!


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