Monday, October 15, 2018

Double Plus Bee Blocks

The Bees Knees are back in full swing again, and this month Nedra asked us to make some adorable Double Plus Blocks.    And my goodness, they were so fun and so fast.   And you know, I totally love those low volume backgrounds!! 

And like most bee blocks, I now totally want to make an entire quilt of these!!!  It would be a great way to burn through some scraps.  And truly, so much fun to make!!!   They are in the mail Nedra and I can't wait to see how your quilt comes together!!!

And speaking of quilts coming together, September was my month for the Bees Knees, and I asked my amazing bee mates to make blocks from my Moroccan Lullaby pattern, but this time, with low volume backgrounds!!!  I am just so loving the low volumes right now, and these prints a combination of fabrics from 3 different Corey Yoder lines, and it is so fun to see it coming together.  I can't wait for the last few blocks so I can get this all sewn up!!!

So how about you??  Have you sewn in a Bee???  And if so, are you like me and keep adding to the "to make someday" list each and every month :)

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  1. yes.
    I am not sewing in a bee right now, but they are fun

  2. I’ve never participated in anbee, but I quite often mentally add someone’s bee blocks to my someday list. These look like fun! I am truly looking forward to how your Moroccan Lullaby blocks look all sewn together.


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