Monday, November 5, 2018

Dessert Sampler - Blocks 4 & 5

It was a crazy busy weekend, a lot of which was spent drooling over all the awesome Quilt Market pictures on Instagram and wishing I was there :)  So I didn't have time to work on a lot of my current works in progress.  But I did squeeze in a little bit of piecing here and there and managed to finish up my Block 4 of the   Dessert Sampler .  I already had a good start on this block, so it didn't take long to finish up ;)  And I just love the two shades of green combined!!!

And, then I noticed that Block 5 was a pretty basic one, so I cut that one out and stitched it up as well.   I love having  this project  that I can work on when I don't have a huge chunk of time to sit down and sew ;)  It is just perfect for those snatches of time :) 

And now, I will have to snatch a few minutes here and there to cut out some more figgy goodness for Block 6.   It is a little more complex so it might be a bit before it's all sewn together :)

So how about you . . . what Long Term project are you working on???

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  1. Im doing Modablockheads2. Just love it.

  2. Your blocks look great in their figgy goodness. Love the greens myself.

  3. These are two very pretty blocks! Umm, all my projects are long term, whether they are intended to be, or not!


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