Friday, February 22, 2019

Teaching Times - Bryce Canyon!!!

Yesterday I shared about the Cedar Retreat, and today, it's the  Quilty Friends Winter Retreat held at Bryce Canyon.  I was so excited to return to teach this year!!!!   It was my second time teaching there and it was oh so much fun to fill 3 days of sewing, friends, and food ;)   This is a tight knit group of ladies that come to this retreat every year (as in they open registration and it is full in 1-2 days) and I think they said this was it's 33rd year.  Just amazing!!!

The first class I taught was my Petal Pop Pattern pattern!!   This is always a fun class to teach and I just love getting to see that moment when the design clicks for everyone.  It really is a very simple block to make, and once the "pieced cabin" method clicks, everyone just starts flying through the blocks.  So fun!!!

And here is a closer look at each of their blocks. Everyone did such an amazing job!!!  Everyone finished their first block, and several made it through their second and third as well.  Those that were making baby quilts are probably already done!!!   I can't tell you how wonderful it is to see everyone get so excited when they sew together that last seam and see their pretty petals!!

The next day I taught my  Braided Irish Chain Pattern  with 9 amazing ladies!!!  We were a smaller class but we still had just as much fun and good times :)  But here is where I will keep it real, I woke up feeling sick the morning of this class.     I was grateful to be able to push through and we all had a great time, but I for sure climbed in bed the second class was over.   What ya gonna do.

We only had 2 block finishes in class, but everyone else was so close to finishing as you can see above.  They almost all got their smaller blocks all pieced, and just needed to sew them into the big block.  Which, if you are doing a baby, only needs some sashing after that and you done!!!!   I just love this class and I can easily say, these amazing ladies had me laughing through the entire class, which was quite a feat, considering I wasn't feeling well!!!  Thanks so much for this awesome class!!!

And since I taught at this retreat last year, I had the wonderful privilege of getting to see a few finished quilts from last year's classes!!!     And that is just such a treat :)   And sorry, these pics are a little blurry as I was in the back selling patterns, and only had my cell for taking a few quick pics.
But isn't this Corkscrew quilt just so fun!!!   It has a cute pirate theme in the fabrics and will make the cutest bedspread for a little boy :)

And there were three finishes from my Moroccan Lullaby class.  I just love seeing the contrast of the opposite print and background layouts in these two quilts.   Isn't that just stunning!!! Makes me want to remake it with a dark background for sure!!!

And then this rainbow finish is just to perfect!!!  You all know I love rainbow quilts, and I had never thought to do Moroccan Lullaby as a rainbow quilt.   That is just what makes teaching so awesome, so many amazing finishes that just spark so much creativity!!! 

And I got to take a class that last day as well with Barbara, but I didn't take any pics, because ya, I wasn't feeling great.   But all in all, still an absolutely amazing retreat and Barbara and I had oh so much fun!!!   If I have said it once, I have said it 100 times,  I love teaching quilting classes!!!!

I can't wait for June when I get to teach at the  Panguitch Quilt Walk .  Maybe I will see you there ;)  

I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting Day!!!
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  1. I love the blue and white Moroccan Lullaby! It's a completely different look to the pattern.


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