Thursday, February 21, 2019

Teaching Times - Cedar Quilt Retreat!!!!

I know I say this every year, but I just love getting to teach at the Cedar Chest Quilter's Guild Retreat  because it's home ;)    I love that I get to see friends that I see all around town through the year as well as friends that aren't from around here but that I have gotten to know over the last 9 years of teaching at this retreat.    And we are a new venue now in the heart of Historic Downtown Cedar, and that just makes me smile!!!

The first class I taught was my Playground Picnic pattern.    This was such a fun class to teach!!!   I love that this block is put together in a little less than traditional way, and it is always fun to see how excited everyone gets when they see just how easy it is :)    These ladies were all so wonderful, and we had a lot of great laughs, along with a whole lot of sewing.    So fantastic!!

And here is a closer look at each of their blocks.  It really is so fun to get to see what fabrics everyone brings.  I just love seeing how some use bundles, and some mix and match their own, and they are all just so fun!!!   And many of them got a second block done as well, and it was great to get to see the A and B blocks next to each other.  Can't wait to see finished quilts!!!

The next morning I taught my True North Pattern, and again, we had such a great time in class!!!   Everyone did so good, and it was one of those classes where everyone just kept sewing even after the end of the class.  They were all so close to finishing a block and it was awesome to see them stick to it, even after the group photo and really get a lot done!!!  And I have to say, I just love when I remember to take group pics!!!  It is so great to remember each of these amazing ladies :)

And aren't these blocks just so pretty!!!   This block isn't hard, but it does take a lot of piecing and some serious seam matching, and everyone just did so fantastic!!!   I love each and every fabric combination and I can't wait to see these quilts all done!!!

And I had some wonderful students share some finishes with me, which is always a special treat!!!   How fun is this Seeing Stars quilt from my most recent Quilt Along!!!  You all know how I love purple, so a purple and yellow mix of stars, so awesome!!!!   And so many people liked it, I am actually now going to be doing it as a BOM for our Cedar Quilt Guild, so fun!!!

And I was clear in the back of the auditorium, but I managed to get a snapshot of this beautiful Pave the Way quilt!!!    Isn't it just stunning.   Makes me want to make a Christmas version for myself!!   Love it ;)

And our guild had the wonderful treat of having Sherri McConnell and Val Krueger as national teachers.  I has not met Val (a super impressive pattern designer and long arm quilter) before and it was lovely to get to know her.   And Sherri, as always, is just amazing.  I really enjoyed getting to hear about her start in quilting, especially as it started with lots and lots of Irish Chain Quilts, because you all know, I love Irish Chain Quilts!!!  

And now, I just can't wait until next year ;)   Good thing time just keeps flying by!!!

If you are in the Utah Area, the Panguitch Quilt Walk  opens their registration on March 1st and I will be teaching the same Playground Picnic class shared above, as well as my Square Dance Pattern there in June ;)  Who knows, maybe I will see you there!!

I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting Day!!!
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  1. Some day Im going to take a class from you. If ever up in the portland/vancouver area, or even seattle, Id love to take one. Or...maybe someday we plan another trip to beautiful Utah...around a class youre teaching.

  2. Hey! I see my Heidi there! We ran together (literally, I think she ran the 800, I ran the 3200) in high school. Tell her hello from me the next time you see her around, will you?

  3. I am sure your classes are very productive. I know you are so enthusiastic and make learning new things so fun!


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