Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Progress on my Works in Progress ;)

So on Friday I shared my over-brimming amount of Works In Progress.  We'll I am pleased as punch to say that I have been stitching up a storm, and have made some serious progress. 
Remember that beautiful stack of Poppie Cotton's new Prairie Sisters Fabric that I shared.  (that was still in Fat Quarters).   Well, here is a sneak peek at the finished blocks!!!   Yup, that was quite a bit of stitching over the last few days, but I am super excited with these blocks, and can't wait to put them into the quilt and share it for the Prairie Sisters Fabric Blog Tour next Wednesday ;)

And I also shared two other stacks of Layer Cakes for the  Moda Love sew-along . . . well, in the past few days the HST's were made, trimmed, and put into the quilt layout.   I even managed to sew and press the rows together.  Only 14 seams left and these two quilt tops will be done!!   And I have to say, they look pretty awesome in all their big piecing glory ;)  And on a side note, does anyone else use their banister to store pieced and pressed rows.  It really is a great place to keep them from getting wrinkled.  And yes, I am grateful for children and a spouse who understand there is fabric all over the house and it shouldn't be touched, tee hee hee.

And finally, I managed to finish up my Back to Basics quilt blocks that I shared back here.  I am making this quilt for a Charity Auction at UQSM, where I will be teaching at the beginning of May.    I am just loving the way the black makes these Jen Kingwell fabrics pop.   I have only ever done 1 other quilt with a black background, and I loved it every bit as much as I am loving this.   More Black Backgrounds in the future for sure!!!

I also pressed my Gretel Fabrics but haven't gotten to cutting them out yet.  But it is next on the list to do ;)   I am off to teach tomorrow at the Desert Gems Quilt Show and then am going up the Mountain on Friday, so there won't be much sewing on those days, but the weekend is fast approaching, and we don't have any plans.   Sounds like a great time to be Happy Quilting!!! 

So how about you . . . any progress on your works in progress you want to share??  Just leave me a comment on what your working on :) 

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  1. I'm working on Camille Rosekelly's Sweet Escape quilt: So many seams with those small logs!!! Hugs, H

  2. I made some progress yesterday on the lowercase rag letters I'm making. I also have a baby quilt top I finished 2 data ago. I'm solanine in getting backing fabric today.

    1. 2 days ago, and planning on getting fabric. I should know to proofread, my phone changes my words.

  3. I liked your comment concerning hanging fabric on your banister! I use my banister for all pressed fabric as I am working on a soon as the yardage is pressed, it hangs on the banister. Where else would you put it? (I wonder what visitors think about that??? hahaha)

  4. Since last week I sewed up a skirt and a dress that I had cut out. And already this morning I've basted a mini quilt that I'll hopefully finish today. A little (or a lot!) at a time! Good job!

  5. The banister! Why have I not thought of this??


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