Monday, April 8, 2019

11 to 13 , But Now Tops!!

Last month I posted a similar picture of my bindings, that for me represent how many current "shorter deadline" Works in Progress.  I decided last month that 11 was to many, and that  I really needed to get piecing ;)    So it might seem odd, that even with 2 of the bindings gone from the last pic, I now have 13 bindings on my shelf.   

But, I am so happy to say that all but 2 of those bindings are finished quilt tops and backs that are just waiting to be quilted ;)    Yup, over the last month I have been piecing up a storm and this weekend I finished up 4 more quilt tops and backs!!!   Which now means I have 11 quilts waiting to be quilted.  So can you guess what my new focus is going to be over the next few weeks ;) 

And with all of that piecing, I got another one of my Leader and Ender Scraptasic Stars done in just 3 days!!!    I just love all of these happy blues together.    I have to admit, with each block, it is getting harder to keep this a Leader and Ender project.  I just want to see it all done, tee hee hee ;)    But I made good progress on the Navy block which is next, so hopefully I will be able to share that soon as well. 

And you might recall that I mentioned in my Scraptastic Stars Leader and Ender post, that I had gone a whole year without sewing Leaders and Ender's because I was still needing to do some cutting.  Well, I didn't want that to happen again.  So this weekend, while I listened General Conference  (where leaders from my Faith speak to church members) I did some serious cutting!!!  (Random Side Note - Does anyone else find they can pay attention better/longer when their hands are busy, or is that just me???)    I made one block of  Lissa Alexander's Surrounded quilt way back here and it has been in the back of my mind ever since.  This will be my next Leader and Ender project and boy does it have a whole lot of tiny pieces.   It is going to be so awesome!!!   I plan to make a Queen size version, and now it is all cut and ready to go.   I just have to finish up the Scraptastic Stars first ;) 

So ya, lots of Happy Cutting, Piecing, and Pressing going on around here this last month.   And now it is time for some Happy Quilting!!!  

How about you, do you have a pile of tops to be quilted as well??  If so, how many are waiting in your stack???
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  1. Great progress! I'm with you...I definitely am able to listen better if I'm doing something with my hands. I'm not much of an auditory learner and sewing, etc seems to change it up for me.

  2. It goes both ways with me. I can't sit in front of the TV unless my hands are busy and I have to listen to a podcast or something while I am piecing and cutting or I get sidetracked.

  3. The ability to focus better while your hands are occupied is related to the kinesthetic learning style. IOW, some of us are just made that way. Teachers who recognize this and help these students channel their "fidgets" into something not distracting for other students create a better environment for all in the classroom. You're in good company.

  4. I have just finished quilting and binding 4 quilts. 8 are ready to sandwich (bindings folded.) 4 are pieced in rows or sections, 1 is blocks only, and 3 are cut out ready to begin. Whoa! I have a lot, don't I? :)
    -Jean 💟

  5. yep, I concentrate better when my hands are busy too! :-) Great looking cutting that you did! Hugs, H

  6. I listen to audio books with ear buds while I am sewing.

  7. Someone mentioned to me once that a lady in her church knits during the pastor's message - it might help her focus, but it was VERY distracting to the people around her...
    I usually have something playing while I cut and stitch.

  8. Good for you. Cutting to me is the most miserable part of quilting. I do not like to cut!!!!! Some times I cut as I go. Last week I found myself cutting out a whole quilt at once just to get it over with and then to my surprise I found myself hand piecing it. I haven't done that in twenty years and i have found it to be very relaxing and the blocks come out perfect.

  9. You are so organized! Love that Surrounded block.
    Kathleen, kakingsbury at verizon dot net


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