Thursday, May 23, 2019

Jessica's Qube Sampler - Up to 8!!!

Yesterday was the last day of school and we celebrated by sewing!!!   You might recall, my daughter Jessica is working on a GO! Qube Sampler.   She only had to go to school for a tiny bit yesterday, so we used the rest of the day to stitch and stitch some more!!   And she finished 3 blocks, so awesome!!!  So here they are :)

This is the Louisiana block from the GO! Qube Book, and it is the sixth block Jessi has made.   She learned about trying to sew right through the thread X to get those nice points.  A few got a tiny bit flat, but her center pinwheel lined up perfect as she has gotten a lot of practice at the Pin Trick ;)    She liked that this one had more of a windmill feel to it and it kind of became the leading concept for the rest of the blocks we sewed.

So for her Block 7 she chose the Clay's Choice Block from the Go! Qube Book because again, she liked the pinwheel look :)     She did such a great job on that center pinwheel, and it is so fun to watch her work.   Last time I mentioned that I was trying to so more hands off, well this time when we sat down to sew, she just went at it!!!  I get an occasional question of which way to pin something, or how would I press, but all in all, she just sews her blocks while I work on other projects.  And I can't begin to explain how fun it is to just sew together!!! 

And she blew me away, but wanting to make a third block in one sewing session.   EEEkkk,I think she might be hooked ;)   So this is the 8th block she has made and it is called Susannah Variation 1.   And I have to say, there was a tiny bit of discouragement on this one because she sewed the top row on the wrong way and had to unpick and put it back on.   But she pressed on, and I told her that is some of the best learning!!!   We just keep smiling and be Happy Quilting ;)  

I am hoping with no school for the next few months that we will have lots more time to sew and see just how far she can get on her  GO! Qube Sampler quilt.   I just love how the GO! Qube dies have all the clipped corners and exact cuts to give Jessica so much confidence in sewing these blocks that really are amazing skill builders!!!  This is all 8 blocks she has made so far.   Aren't they just so pretty  (yup, super proud mama over here:)

She really is getting super comfortable with the pieces from the GO! Qube and that makes me so happy!!!   So now I am thinking it's time to take things up a notch.  The GO! Qube Angles and GO! Qube Corners Companion Sets will give her a lot more variety in her blocks and new skill building opportunities, Perfect!! (and they are even on sale!!!)   Should be fun :) Can't wait to share her next set of blocks!!!

I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting Day!!!

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