Thursday, July 11, 2019

Tutorial Throwback Thursday - Snuggly Squares and II

Okay, so just in case you missed it last week, Tutorial Throwback Thursday is a new feature on the blog this year, leading up to my 10 year Blogiversary.  Each Thursday I will highlight a past tutorial and bring it back to the spotlight and along the way, share some fun insights about that project.   And today's Tutorial Thowback was my first Moda Bake Shop tutorial and it's called Snuggly Squares

I remember being so nervous to write this tutorial.  I really had no idea what I was doing ;)   So I just started snapping a whole lot of pictures and sharing everything I could think of.  So this tutorial is super in-depth descriptions of how to make this quilt.  As in, down to explaining which fabrics to cut which pieces out of!!  Which of course, I didn't realize at the time, isn't a huge help now as you can't find this fabric adorable Lily and Will fabric anymore, but it still works if you just shift around colors from your own layer cake :)   

And speaking of Layer Cakes, Snuggly Squares fabric requirements are just 1 Layer Cake.  No background fabric needed, so that makes it super easy to just grab your pre-cut and get going :)    And on a side note,  I just have to smile at this picture, because my sweet friend let me take a picture of her wee one, and that wee one is now 9 years old!!!  I saw a picture of her the other day and she is growing into a beautiful young lady.   Time sure flies :)

Another side note about this quilt, it measures 42" x 42" when finished.   And remember, this was in my starting out days and I figured, why not just use the width of the fabric for backing as it has 44" right!!  Well basting on the carpet didn't quite keep the back perfectly smooth, and let me tell you, it doesn't cut it any closer than having the selvage strip showing ;)  I just say that was a designer choice so you will always remember the fabric line, tee hee hee.  

But the thing I love most about this quilt is that it was gifted to my twin-sister when she had her first baby a year later.  And that quilt is still hanging on the wall of my sweet nieces room!!   It makes me smile every time I visit and has truly become a treasure  ;)

And that's Snuggly Squares, but Surprise, Surprise, today's Tutorial Throwback is actually a double header, because I can't talk about Snuggly Squares without talking about it's twin brother, Sunggly Squares II.  

When a second line of Lily and Will was released, but this time in little boy blue colors, I knew I had to make another tutorial :)    This one is very similar to the first, but changes up some of the basic patchwork in the square frames and borders.     And yes, this was me trying to do more of a "photo shoot" by clipping bunnies to a fence.  It seemed cute at the time, now it's just a little scary with them dangling there, tee hee hee.  

And going through all my pics, this is the only picture I have that doesn't have those bunnies on the quilt ;)   But it's perfect, because it really shows the fun patchwork that is super simple and perfect for a beginner, but still so cute!!!  And this tutorial is just as detailed as the first, so you really could make this as your first quilt ;)  

And Sunggly Squares II  finishes at 42" x 42" and once again, I figured it might as well match the first and did the backing out of 1 1/4 yard.  But today I would have added a strip onto the side of that so there would be room to actually load it on the long arm ;)    And why not leave off with a few more hanging bunnies ;)  

I hope you have enjoyed today's Tutorial Throwback Thrusday!!!     So to make your own Snuggly Squares or Sunggly Squares II  quilt just click on any of the quilt name links for the free step by step tutorials.   And when you are done, I would love to see them!!!  !!  You can email me a picture at, post it to social media with #happyquiltingwithmc  or or add it to my flickr group here ;)  I can't wait to see your Snuggly Squares and Snuggly Squares II baby quilts!!!

Thanks for popping in today and have a very Happy Quilting Day!!!
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  1. They are both adorable! I'll have to remember these tutorials the next time I need to make a baby quilt.

  2. I loved your throwback photos and tutorials! Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Loved hearing the behind stories of these two lovely quilts. Too cute :)! Wonderful patterns. I love seeing older Moda patterns - and these are special - as I have some layer cakes that are waiting.....!

  4. Melissa, I love these quilts. I have a few layer cakes that I really should make these with I love your pictures. Thank you for sharing the tutorial

  5. Those make a wonderful baby quilt.

  6. I remember seeing that tutorial! I was just getting back into quilting at that time and saved the pattern.

  7. Ooooooh. 10 years coming up before you know it. Are you having a QAL to celebrate?


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