Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Wednesday Works in Progress

I have so many works in progress at the moment. I counted this morning and I am "actively" working on 7 quilts at the moment.  Which means I will have lots of finishes to share in the next little bit.  But for today, I thought it would be fun to share just a few of those Works in Progress ;)

So first up, I had some leftovers from my Goldenrod fabrics I used in this Goldenrod Pyramids Quilt and I thought it would be so great paired with my favorite Gris Grunge.  Isn't it just awesome!!!   This is going to be a baby size version of a new pattern I am working on.   And yup, It's got curves!!!

Next, I am working on another new pattern but this time, it's the Queen size as I already made a Baby Size test version, which of course, is in the to be quilted pile ;)   But hey, that baby size is a quilt top finish, so that's great!!!   So this Queen size uses Poppie Cotton's second fabric line called Wanderings.  I posted more about it here  which shows this has been sitting on my to make pile for over a month now.  I am happy to say, I have been doing some serious chain stitching on this and have made a lot of progress in the last two days.   And this happy pile is just about ready to be turned into stars, my favorite!!! 

And I am thrilled, that this last weekend, I finally came up with a new design for Jocelyn's new Bedspread that I talked about needing to do over here (in April, tee hee hee)   Better late than never.  For this quilt, I am using a Bungalow Fat Eighth Bundle by Kate Spain and I am super excited to be using Pink for the background!!!   And my plan is to make this a tutorial so you can be watching for that to come ;)   I got it all cut out yesterday, and am excited to get going on this!!

And finally, while I was working on cutting out quilts yesterday, I added one more to the pile.  I was invited to make another Fat Quarter Shop Shortcut quilt and you all know how much I love those!!!  This one won't be out until September, so I have some time, but it's nice to have it all cut and ready to go when I have a few seconds of spare stitching ;)    And the fabric is The Print Shop by Sweetwater which will also be available in September, so good timing there!!   And ya, this will also be another Alma Mater quilt, could you tell by the Red, White, and Black ;)   

So that is just a few of my Works in Progress :)  It's always nice to have everything ready to go so that when I have a few minutes that is the craziness of summer I can run down to my sewing room and squeeze in a little chain stitching.   So great!!!   

Oh, and you might have noticed the background of my pics is a little different.   Trying to take better pictures is a constant Work in Progress for me.   And the struggle is real :)   So when Fat Quarter Shop had their Anniversary Sale I decided to order a few things to try and help with that WIP.    I got a Christopher Thompson White Cutting Mat and a Floor Lamp Ott Light.  I love the idea of having a white background in all my tutorial pics vs that old green color.   And I am hoping the Ott Light will help to brighten up those pics vs my overhead poor basement lighting.  I am excited to see if these can help my Picture Taking Works in Progress, cause honestly, I can use all the help I can get on that front ;)    

So what are you working on??  I would love to hear what works in progress you have, and for that matter, if you have any picture taking secrets you want to share, that's great too ;)  

I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting Day!!!
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  1. Ott lights make a world of difference!! I have even started to put them in my livingroom😁
    love my otts💚💚💚

  2. Your curved blocks look great! I too struggle with taking photos that are light enough. I didn't notice that you had that problem.

  3. The pics look great: and I'll bet you are happy to get a new cutting mat since you cut so many quilts!! :-) Hugs, H

  4. The new white mat makes a world of difference in your pictures.

  5. Love the white mat, Ott lights, and your enthusiasm. I am working on getting my studio set up (just moved). Hanging pegboard, snazzing up an Ikea unit, rearranging for a 3rd time my machines, cutting island, and pattern racks. Fun work!


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