Friday, October 4, 2019

Nine Patch Fun Quilt and Tutorial!!!!

I am so thrilled to be sharing my newest quilt finish today and to also be sharing a new AccuQuilt Tutorial for it as well!!!   It's called Nine Patch Fun and it combines Regular Nine Patches and Glorified Nine Patches for a super fun geometric design.    I love curved piecing, and I have always wanted to make a Glorified Nine Patch quilt, which is probably on a lot of our to make someday lists.  So when I saw that AccuQuilt had made a new GO! Glorified Nine Patch Block on Board Die, it was time to take it from the bucket list to a finished quilt!!! And here it is ;)

The basic nine patch block is done in two color layouts as well as the Glorified Nine Patch Block  which really creates a fun finished design.  And it is the same piecing, just playing with the color placement.  And of course you can use prints, but I just love how the solids make the design really pop  And of course, you know I am all about the  Red, black, and white combo so I can donate it to my Alma Mater . . .  but of course, you can use any of your three favorite colors to make this beauty!

I think a lot of time's we shy away from curved piecing thinking it is to difficult, but it really is so much fun!!!  And I go through a lot of tips and tricks in the tutorial to show you just how fun it is ;)  Of course, having all the cutting done perfectly and easily with the GO! AccuQuilt Cutting System is helpful, and I love that it cuts out the little notches to help you line up your piecing.  So awesome!!!   

When it came time to quilt this Nine Patch goodness, I decided on an all over echoed paisley.  This is such a fun little design to quilt and it goes fast as well.  I did a video tutorial over here on this little quilting design that you can check out ;)  And I love quilting with red on these classic color quilts.   It just pops on the white and black and looks so cool!!! 

The Nine Patch Fun quilt is made up of 81 blocks that finish at 9" square, so the quilt finishes at  81" x 81".   And I know that sounds like a lot of blocks, but there are a lot more regular nine patches and they go together fast with strip piecing!!!   And you can even use the GO! 3 1/2" Strip Cutter and GO! 3 1/2" Square to speed up the cutting of that strip piecing.   And the Glorified Nine Patches really are a whole lot of fun to piece.  It's just like piecing a nine patch, but with fun curvy sides :)

So if you want to make your own Nine Patch Fun Quilt  just pop on over for the free step by step tutorial!!!   And if you are new to curved sewing, you can check out the little Sewing with Curves Basics  I did in a previous tutorial.  It shows just how fun and easy curved sewing can be ;)    And when you are done, I would love to see it!!!  You can email me a picture at, post it to social media with #happyquiltingwithmc  and #AccuQuilt or add it to my flickr group here ;)  I can't wait to see your Nine Patch Fun quilts!!!

Thanks for joining me today and sharing this new tutorial with me ;)  I am so glad to have crossed the Glorified Nine Patch quilt off my To Do list and I think this Nine Patch Fun quilt is really a fun way to shake it up and make it new ;)     I just love that the AccuQuilt Curved Dies are helping me cross off all of these curvy quilts from my bucket list.   Flowering Snowball, Winding Ways and now Glorified Nine Patch down.   Which one to do next . . . maybe the  Double Wedding Ring??  What do you think???? 

I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting (and maybe even some curved sewing) Day!!!  

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  1. Great quilt! Love my Accuquilt Go cutter. May have to look into this die.

  2. Excellent .. Really very very impressive.

  3. Beautiful quilt Melissa! I would never have thought to put the regular 9 patches with the glorified 9 patches, but I really like how this turned out! Great idea!!! Hugs, H

  4. Fun quilt. We can picture so many different color combinations. Great job!


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