Monday, January 13, 2020

The Renovation Stars Today!!!

This morning I was reminded of walking through my house the day before we moved in.  Everything was bare and just waiting to be filled with all our family memories.   We'll today, we are starting a new chapter and it just cracked me up that it all started with that blank slate feeling again ;)  So I snapped some pictures of each room that will be worked on in it's bare bones state.  It is going to be incredible to watch it transform.  I am so super excited, and a little nervous, but mostly excited!!!

This is the living room.  It is the room that will have the least amount of work done in it ;) The fireplace is going to be taken out and replaced with a gas fireplace and new surround and mantle and then fresh paint and new carpet :)

This is the dining room.   And the doors are new.   They actually replaced those a few weeks ago.  (And I just love them!!!)   The blinds are in the glass and slide up and down.  So great!!!     As for this room, all of that tile is being taken out (not a fun job) and being replaced with wood flooring.  Then new paint, a build in china hutch, and you can't see it, but the opening to the kitchen is going to be widened about a foot and a half to make for easier flow. 

And here is the kitchen, and this is where the total renovation is really happening.   The window is new as it was already replaced with the doors, but everything here is going ;) 

This is the extended view of the kitchen :)    When it is all said and done, the bar will be nice and long and run lengthwise to the back wall.  White cabinets, Oil Rubbed Bronze hardware, Light Corian counter tops, and lots, and lots, of storage.   And a new desk for me just to the right of this picture  :)

And although it seems like it would be awesome to have a sun room, they just aren't that practical in Utah.   We pretty much have a week of spring and a week of fall, and the rest of the time this room is either really hot, or really cold.   So it is getting all framed in and this back part will become a pantry with a mud room attached for the kids to come in through the side door and drop all their backpacks and what not ;)

And this desk and fireplace are being taken out , the wall framed in, and the flooring changed.   And that just about covers it ;)  So ya, it should be fun the next few weeks!!!

 But truly, I really am just tickled pink that we are finally starting this.   When we bought this home, we knew we would remodel the kitchen one day, and I can't believe that day is finally here ;)

And in the interim, I am just so grateful that my sewing room had a stove top and sink because this little make shift kitchen has been amazing the last few days :)  I can't image if we didn't have this place for our family to gather and get to eat and talk together.   It was totally worth the "sacrafice" of giving up my sewing space for a bit :) 

And ya know, I still managed to make a new sewing space, so it's not to much of a "sacrifice" .  

I can't wait to share with you what the coming weeks brings ;)   Now I think I might just go grab a hammer and "help" make a few holes ;)  

I hope you all have a great day!!!!  I'll be back tomorrow with TTGD ;)  
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  1. This is exciting :-) The good and bad of a have to live through it but having been in the house awhile, you know how the changes will work for you. Hang in there and enjoy those bits of sewing you can still do. Thanks for sharing the adventure!

  2. How lovely! While an update is a lot of hassle & mess, it means in the end you'll have a
    'new house' without the trouble of moving. How nice to get the updates you've wanted for a long time - congratulations! Deb E

  3. It will so be worth it...i know you can't wait!! I had all my popcorn ceilings scraped, textured and painted before thanksgiving--wasn't that a JOB!T :) grab your hard hat and get ready.....

  4. Yay, and I hope it all goes off without a hitch. I hope you get no surprises and everything goes as planed.

  5. Good fun Melissa.
    I hope this is a fun adventure

  6. Thanks so much for sharing! I love a good renovation and can't wait to see the after pictures.

  7. Wow! You are going to be one busy lady, but won't the end result be worth all the hard work?!! Just imagine the first meal you prepare in that newly remodeled kitchen... can't wait to see progress pics. Keep a stiff upper lip as it goes and pray before beginning each day - it will make things go smoother.

  8. Wonderful - we are waiting to hear if we can extend our kitchen. Big house, tiny kitchen crazy! So I'll be watching your transformation and be a tad jealous because it's going to be super! LOL!

  9. I love your kitchen the way it is now. (mine is smaller and less efficient.) I can hardly wait to see the redo.

  10. Good luck. Might get a bit messy but I'm sure will be wonderful when it's done

  11. Can’t wait to see more pictures as your remodel project continues! Good luck with the project & keep on sewing & designing!


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