Saturday, February 1, 2020

Renovation - Week 3!!

If you remember from  Week 2 of Renovation we were all set for painting, and that is just what happened, along with some other super fun things!!!   

MONDAY -   The walls were painted.   When I have done my own painting in the past, I have always used a roller and brush.   And I have to say, those spray paint guns are awesome.   Such a nice even coat and oh so much quicker ;)    We choose the color Malabar at 50% by Sherwin Williams for the wall color, (Since I am sure it will be asked ;)  And I just love it.  It is so warm and inviting ;) 

TUESDAY - The painting moved upward.   All of the ceilings were painted and I was so tempted to take a picture of the painters :)  They were all decked out from head to toe in white jumpsuits.  Which I totally understood when I saw how much "misting fog" came from the spray gun pointed up towards the ceiling :)   Still, far better to have a jumpsuit and spray, then a sore neck from staring up at the ceiling while you roll it on, and occasionally get paint in your hair ;)    Are you getting the picture that I really don't enjoy painting and am so grateful professionals are painting this time around, tee hee hee :)  

WEDNESDAY - This was the final day of painting, and the one I was looking forward to seeing the results of the most.   It was doors and trim work, and I just love how they shine!!! Nothing like a beautiful white finish to really make the paint pop all the more!!!   (And yes, there is a new door handle coming for this door, we are not keeping the two toned look :)  

THURSDAY - What an awesome day!!!!   With the painting all done, it was time to make the kitchen start to look like a kitchen again with the cabinets being installed.   I know it is just frames, but this made me so excited!!!   I am going to have so much cupboard space, eeekkk!!! 

And while the cabinet makers were busy in the kitchen, my HVAC friends were finishing up the fireplace!!!  Isn't that just so pretty :)   It has a remote control and everything and by the end of the day, we were enjoying watching a crackling fire.  I can't wait until I can sit on the carpet and curl up here with a good book :) 

FRIDAY - And this was another busy and wonderful day.    And I have to say, I was grateful I had somewhere to be other than home while they took out the last of the tile ;)   I came home to everything cleaned up, and ready for the next step.  So nice!!! 

 And I also came home to lights!!!  The electricians were busy all day installing new LED Cam Lights and pendant lights in the kitchen and dining room.    And I am over the moon!!!  I just keep going in here and turning on the lights to bask in how bright and happy they are.   So great!!!    And I just love this picture, it really is starting to be a kitchen again.   So fun!!!

So that is Week 3!!!  I can't even fathom what will be done next week.  I will be out of town for most of the week teaching, so I will have to see if my husband can take the daily photo's.   But I am just super excited for the idea of coming back and seeing what has been done by  Precision Development and all of the amazing folks working on our home ;)   

Until next week!!!
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  1. WOW! I know it is a mess now, but you are really making lovely changes you will enjoy for years!!

  2. Love the fireplace and the pendant lights! You have such a lovely attitude about the whole thing, I'm sure the company is enjoying working for you. :)

  3. Awesome progress...however, it occurred to me that I thought this is going so quickly...but it has been 3 weeks for you :-) That may or may not feel very quick. HA!
    It is all looking like beautiful work!

  4. That are making fantastic progress. It is so nice to watch someone else do the work. Looking forward to next week.

  5. Oh gosh, what a wonderful and exciting huge progress. I see the end of the tunnel. The kitchen looks marvelous

  6. That's an amazing transformation and it's going quickly (for someone not living through it day by day). Love the suiting up to spray idea.

  7. Oh what fun; to see it getting done! I know that feeling. Congrats!

  8. I had the same thought about lights as you!! I was going to go thrift shopping for old decanters. Is that what you did? Or did you find the lights somewhere? Thank you so much. LOVE what you are doing!

  9. It’s going to be lovely! I don’t have the vision or the patience to tackle anything like this.

  10. absolutly amazing!!! It is going so quickly, and I can already tell it is going to be amazing!!! It'll be like living in a new house! :-) Hugs, H


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