Saturday, February 8, 2020

Renovation - Week 4!!

And I thought  Week 3 of Renovation was starting to look like a kitchen again, this week really has a close to a kitchen!!!   I was out of town for most of the week, so it was so great to get home this morning and see just how much had changed.   But let's take it one day at a time ;)

MONDAY -   The counter tops were installed!!!   And I just love them ;)   It is hard to know what they are going to look like when you are choosing a swatch that is 6" x 6".   To see it in the entire top, is just so fun!!!  And look how great that bar is going to be, so big!!!!

And this will be my computer desk for all things blogging ;)    And again, so big!!!   It is going to be just great to have so much room to spread out, I can't wait!!!

And right after the counter tops dried, in came the back spash!!   And I have to say, I was memorized by watching this back splash go in.   It is a lot like making a quilt, the way it all fits together in tiny little pieces.  Just so awesome ;) 

TUESDAY - And then the next day in the morning, they grouted the back splash.   And I realized the coolest thing!!!  They even matched the tile perfectly in the corner, which of course made my quilters heart just so happy.    That hexagon tile also makes my heart pretty happy as well ;)   What better back splash for a quilter, right ;)  

And while the tilers were grouting, the floor guys were trying to put our subfloor back together.   They had to do some  serious "Patchwork" to fix the holes created when the tile was taken out.   But once it was all one smooth surface again, it was ready for flooring.   And the first part to go in was our cute little entry way :) 

WEDNESDAY - And then close to follow, the Kitchen floor.   And I have to say, when I got the text with this picture, I sqealed right in the middle of my class.  Someone asked if I was okay, and I said back "Oh Yes, I have Floors!"  Which of course, needed a little explaining, but was oh so funny :)  

THURSDAY - Moved the flooring folks to the dining room where they finished off all of the wood floor and then the carpeting folks promptly got all their stuff loaded in to start carpeting the next day.
Things were really hoping!!!

Also, on Thrusday, while the flooring guys were in the dining room, the plumber came and hooked up the kitchen faucet and sink.  So I have water in the kitchen again!!!!    Yippee!!!!!

FRIDAY - And since they were all set, Friday started with carpet !!  They got the living room, and hallways done, and then my family (yes, I was still out of town :) promptly got to work moving everything in the 3 bedrooms into the bathrooms and newly carpeted living room so that the rooms could be carpeted this morning.   And that is what is going on right now!!!   Wow, just so fast!!!

So that is Week 4!!!  And speaking of fast, it looks like Week 5 will be the last week of Remodeling!!!  Our amazing contractor, Dennis from  Precision Development  told my husband yesterday that it looks like everything will be finished up by next Friday!!!  Talk about a super sweet surprise to come home to!!!!!

So I will be back next weekend with hopefully a finish ;)   Of course, everything most likely won't be moved back, but you get the idea!!!  Until next week!!!

And one more reminder . . . My Low Volume Chevron Pillow is in the Pillow Fight Semi-Finals ;)   Be sure to Pop on over and Vote !!!  

I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting Weekend!!!
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  1. It looks wonderful! Amazing backsplash!

  2. Your remodel has gone so smoothly! We had delays after delays! Your kitchen looks great! I know you are ready to get it finished!

  3. That is wonderful. Congratulations! It's beautiful.

  4. It looks amazing! I'll have to stop by and see it in person next time I'm in town :-) Would you mind sharing where you got the pendant lights? I'm looking for something exactly like that!

  5. Amazing!! wish I lived in Cedar City and had some remodeling to do! :-) The backsplash looks so pretty! I tried to talk my hubby into a hexagon tile pattern in the bathroom, but he wouldn't go for it! :-) Hugs, H

  6. Congrats It is looking great. I love those wood kitchen floors.

  7. I love watching your redo come together.
    xx, Carol

  8. We just got our kitchen plumbing hooked up yesterday. OMG I never realized how much I could miss having a sink and water in the kitchen! Happy dance!!

  9. Wow! Beautiful choices for finishes! I still can't believe how well they have coordinated getting the work done. This remodel has really gone well. It looks lovely!


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