Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Breaking Bundles for New WIP's!!!

 Yesterday and this morning I cut out 4 new quilts!!!   That was a whole lot of cutting for sure, but what better way to start out a new year than with new projects!!!  And I tell you what, the hardest part is breaking open the bundles :)

I have been saving this Olive's Flower Market Bundle by Lella Boutique for some time now.  And a Flower Sampler quilt is just the perfect match for it!!!

I am teaching at a retreat next month and I am actually taking this Flower Market class as well.  So it was time to get all my pieces cut out.   I love samplers!!   I know they take longer to cut out, but they are just so fun to make.   And I decided to just use the pinks and blacks for the quilt, and I think it is going to be so striking!!! 

The next bundle I broke open was my Merry Stars Here bundle by Sweetwater.   It hasn't been sitting on the shelf quite as long, but still :)   I am taking a second class at the same retreat but in March (the original retreat was broken into 2 so more people could join in even with limited covid size classes :)  And when I saw this Midnight Crossing design by Fig Tree Quilts and Co. I knew it would just make the cutest Christmas Quilt!!!  So the bundle was opened ;)

I am going to alternate red and green blocks with black sashing 9 patches and center x's.   I actually enlarged the block so this will finish at a Queen size so that I will have a nice Christmas Quilt to go on the Guest bed (which is my daughter's room that she gives up when company comes, she's so sweet that way!!!)  Now the only hard thing will be waiting for March to start piecing this quilt!!

The next bundle I opened was this beautiful Goose Creek Garden by Michal Marko for Poppie Cotton.   Isn't this just so pretty!!! This one I haven't had on the shelf, it actually just arrived in the mail and will be available in March :)

I have been wanting to make a new Playground Picnic quilt in the lap size for sometime, and I think this line will just be adorable in the pattern!!!  And it had the benefit of cutting out super, super fast!!!  I stacked and cut my fat quarters and so it really just flew by :)  And this one I don't have to wait for a class to start stitching.  You better believe I will be sewing on this project later today!!

And finally, this didn't start as a bundle, but it was to pretty not to share.   16 Beautiful Grunge colors in glorious Fall tones.   This is for some secret sewing that I won't be able to share for a while, but I am so excited to get to start working with all of these beautiful colors, and you know how I just love Grunge!!!  It is going to just light up the snowy days ;)

So that is what I have been up to since the new year started ???  How about you???  Any new Works in Progress for the New Year?

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  1. I hate breaking bundles. I do love yours though. The flower quilt will be super cute.

  2. Such beautiful fabrics. Have fun with your new projects.

  3. Once I DID cut a bunch of projects using GO dies for a retreat and it was the BEST retreat--aka most produtive-- of any retreat ever! Are you one who always uts all your pieces before you start the quilt? Other than the retreat, how do you keep all the pieces and scraps together? Do you have a way 2b sure the pattern measurments are correct b4 you cut?

    1. I do cut all of my pieces before starting a quilt. And I also make the binding first ;) I have spaces in my sewing room to set out each project that I am working on. The ones I am working on at that moment go on my desk, the ones that are more long term have project boxes that stack on a shelf. And I have not worried about checking pattern measurements before I cut. I know we are all human and can make a mistake, but I figure if that happens, I will find it while piecing and then fix it them :)

  4. You are starting the new year off right! Can’t wait to see your quilts! I like to precut several quilts at a time too. I keep them in 2 gallon bags and in a tub. It works great for me.


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