Friday, January 8, 2021

2 New/Old Baby Quilt Finishes

So along with starting new projects for the New Year, I also made a little "goal" to get some of my older WIP done.   And I am not even talking about the ones that need to be pieced.  I have a pile of fished quilt tops from 2020 (and older) that really need to get quilted and bound.   Again, I think this has a lot to do with the time factor of my trying something new in 2020, but the To Be Quilted pile has assuredly grown in the the last year.   So what better place to start this new 2021 year than with that pile.  So I started with the small baby size ones :)

First up, this beautiful Rose Garden quilt!!  I posted about wanting to make this quilt when I got it in my May Sew Sampler Box and then promptly never wrote about it again.   But ya, I was totally working on it :)

I pieced the entire quilt in a very short amount of time, and then had plans to share it when I got it all done, but that didn't happen so quickly :)    Ya know, it just kind of hid down at the bottom of the pile.   But I am so excited to have it done now, because this is just so pretty!!!  Isn't this such a great design!!!  

And when I quilted this yesterday, I decided on an all over swirl.   This was pretty much the first quilt design I "mastered" and I hadn't done it in a while so it felt good to bring it back :)   And it is super fast and it gives such great texture, so yummy!!!

I followed the pattern exactly for this quilt, only I changed the fabric placement.  Isn't this just going to make the cutest baby girl gift.  Now I just need a loved one to have a little baby girl ;)    Oh, and this pattern was an exclusive Sew Sampler pattern, so sadly, it is not available for purchase,  Just fyi in case you were looking for it.  

And since I was working on baby quilts, I decided to just load a second one on the long arm!!!  This is my Jolly Bar Row Along quilt ;)   Isn't it so cute!!!

This quilt was in celebration of the Jolly Bar 2 book being released (which is funny as the Jolly Bar 3 book has just been announced :)   I changed up the design a bit by repeating rows and omitting a few from the original design to give it an all baby feel.   I made the blocks and quilt top back in July, so it was high time this got finished.     And I just love how it turned out!!!

I decided to quilt it with an all over Curly Q design.   This is my favorite design to use for sampler or row quilts.  I just love how it ties it all together without taking away from each of the different blocks.   And I started to add a little second line into the Curly Q instead of always stitching right back on the same line,  and I think I like it.  I will have to keep playing with that and see where it goes ;)  

And that is my Jolly Bar Row quilt!!   And you can totally find this pattern at the Fat Quarter Shop.   All of the details and links for the blocks are in this post ;)   Now I totally want to make an entire quilt with just those sparrow tracks!!  So cute!!!

But first, more quilting on the To Be Quilted pile.   Here is hoping for lots more New/Old finishes in the coming weeks!!

I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting Weekend!!

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  1. I love your fabric switchup! Makes it pop better, somehow. Good eye.

  2. Dear Melissa: Love your fabric choices. I would also like to know how to purchase a copy of the Rose Garden quilt pattern. I checked the Fat Quarter Shop and could not find it there. Please advise. Thank you, Melissa! Roxy in Hudson, WI

  3. Both quilts are so sweet - love the quilting on the Jolly Bar quilt and how you changed it up. Someone will be a lucky recipient of these.

  4. Those are beautiful quilts! Love the quilting on them. What kind of longarm machine do you own? I keep thinking that down the road I might want to invest in one :)

  5. I'm glad I follow you to remind myself that I CAN change up these patterns! I wasn't thrilled with the Jolly Bar pattern, but I COULD have changed it!

  6. Such a pretty quilt! And oh my goodness, that quilting is beautiful!!

  7. I do like the curly q design. So you are going back over lines a second time quite a few time with this design...
    You do a great job.

  8. These are lovely. I sort of had that idea too. I started the year with a little ufo and then did a new challenge. Not sure I can go back and forth but I have plenty things to finish. Good luck to you in this endeavor.

  9. I love the Rose Garden quilt! So pretty

  10. They are both beautiful and the quilting is fantastic! I really should get back to some old quilts too!


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