Thursday, January 14, 2021

My Favorite Color is Moda - Morning Sunrise in Grunge!!

 So a few months ago, Moda posted about some of their upcoming Quilt-Alongs, including this My Favorite Color is Moda Sampler.  I instantly was in love!!!  This quilt uses 10 solids to make a beautiful sampler that focuses on color.  There are 6 Color Way Kits and I have to say, each is just so pretty!!  Here is more details of the QAL :)

The Coastal Kit reminded me of my Modern Building Blocks quilt I made a few years back.   And I thought, this Samper has a lot of the same feel, so why not make a companion!!!  I can already see them hanging next to each other on the quilt racks, so great!!!

So with my Modern Building Blocks quilt having a Back to Nature, woodsy feel.   I thought, how about a Morning Sunrise to go with it ;)  And remember these blocks I was cutting out . . . well, I have just enough left over to make up this sampler.   Perfect!!!   This is going to be some grunge goodness for sure!!!   

But before I get to far into this, I have decided that this will be added to my Long Term project pile.   I like the idea of trying to keep up with the Quilt Along, but I also know I will have lots of deadlines along the way and I want this quilt to just be relaxing and fun.    Of course, with that said, I had the same intention for my Modern Building Blocks quilt and then couldn't stop working on it :)   I guess we will just see how it goes.

I just love new "long-term" projects!!!

How about you, and new projects on your plate??  

You could always join in this quilt along.  I think it will be starting soon :)  Just grab your My Favorite Color is Moda booklet and a stack of your favorite colors and away we go!!

I hope you all have a Happy Quilting Day!!

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  1. I would love to see a picture of your favorite color, sounds great and I love bright colors!!!

  2. this is beautiful. I think I would love to follow along and maybe join in!! I lvoe Moda too

  3. I am a batik lover so I need to add some more batiks.


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