Saturday, September 11, 2021

A Sweet Surprise!!!

On Thursday evening I visited Hurricane, UT to meet with the Zion Piecemakers Quilt Guild and to share my Charming Baby Quilts Trunk Show.   And can I just tell you how surprised I was when the guild had a Trunk Show to share with me first!!!   The guild had issued a Challenge Quilt to it's members to make a "Melissa Corry" quilt, what an honor.   I was so touched as I got to sit back and see all of the beautiful quilts guild members had made from my patterns.   What a treat, it was just so amazing.  

I tried to grab pictures of all the quilts with their makers.     And sorry, these pics aren't the greatest, it was a small room with lots of people and the light right above where some were showing their quilts was burnt out.  But you can still see the beautiful quilts :)

Such a beautiful Square Dance quilt  using Bonnie and Camille's Sunday Stroll.   I love how happy this quilt is, especially with the soft pink binding!!   You can see more of Emilee's quilt at her Instagram.  

And this Dreaming of Paris quilt using all Black and White scraps is just stunning.  I have never seen this quilt done scrappy before and I just love it.   So pretty!!!

This is a California King Size (added a row) version of my In Your Neighborhood pattern.   I love the super contemporary look she gave it by staying with basics in just a few colors.   Just gorgeous!  

I always love how a Black Background just makes the prints pop!!   This Moroccan Lullaby quilt is just beautiful in batiks on that black.  

And another awesome Square Dance quilt!!!  I just love how changing the fabrics gives the quilt a whole new look.   So great!!!  This more traditional version is just lovely :)

This Desert Rose quilt is absolutely gorgeous in solids!  I love how the solids give it such a clean and crisp look :)  What a beautiful quilt, and the quilting was even roses, so great!!

And this is a Two Path's Crossed quilt from my Irish Chain Quilts Book.   I taught this in a class at the Panguitch Quilt Walk a few years back and I remembered the pink and purple fabrics because they are my daughters favorite.  It was so great to get to see it all finished!  

This is Double Dutch that was featured in the Fat Quarter Favorites book from Martingale Publishing.   Isn't this quilt just so great!!!  I love the two color combo's and some of them are a little scrappy even, so fun!! 

This is a Hang Time quilt and there is a free PDF Pattern for it.  This is a smaller version than the pattern and I think it just is the cutest baby quilt!!    So fun in the bright greens and blues ;)  

This is a Bonnie Rose quilt and there is a free tutorial for it.  I love that Marilyn made this as a memory quilt as well.  She took all of her retired husband's work shirts and cut them up for the prints, she even included the buttons and tags from the shirts.   So great!!   

And finally, Drift Away.   There is a free tutorial for it.  I made my original in Teal but I just love it in all of these gorgeous coral's!!    Isn't that just stunning!!!   What a beautiful finish!   And you know, I totally want to make a new quilt in coral now :)  

Aren't they all just so beautiful!!!   Truly, I have done a lot of trunk shows over the years but this was the first time a trunk show was done just for me.   It was so very thoughtful, sweet, and touching.   I just can't even begin to explain how much it meant to me!!  Thanks so much  Zion Piecemakers Quilt Guild.  You all are just so great!!! 
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  1. They made great use of your patterns. I do love the Square Dance quilts. But that Black Moroccan Lullaby is so gorgeous.

  2. I can imagine that you were excited. That would be a fun challenge!

  3. What an honor that must have been. What a lovely memory you will always have to hold and to cherish. Your willingness to share what you do with all of us is remarkable. So happy to hear that you were honored by the Zion Quilters. Memories for a lifetime, a beautiful tribute. ❤️❤️😊

  4. Nice!! I do a series of patterns called Square Dance, so the name caught my attention. It is such a fun thing to see a design made by other people, isn't it!!

  5. What an honor to have a trunk show of your designs made by others! Each one is beautiful!

  6. Oh gosh, I know you were shocked and surprised. What absolute treasures all of these creations are. Your patterns are exceptional

  7. WOW! The “In Your Neighborhood” in Black+White IS beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. It always amazes me how talented and creative people are. When I think of how a much work goes into making a quilt, I have to applaud each and everyone who has the patience to make one. Even with a pattern you can see how each quilter picks fabrics, colors and patterns that make them special. Just beautiful.


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