Saturday, November 20, 2021

3 New Sew Sampler Swirls!!!

This week I have been all about Sew Sampler box projects!!  I have had these "kits" sitting on my counter tops just waiting to be cut into.  So I finally dove in, and before you know it . . . 3 new quilt tops all swirled and waiting to be quilted!!!  I had so much fun just sewing these up.   Sometimes it is just so fun to sew up these projects that I can just follow a pattern and don't have to think about taking pictures or writing patterns.   ** Not that I don't love to do that for you all too, this is just a good mental break :)  

I absolutely fell in love with this Mon Cheri Pattern from last month's Sew Sampler box!!    In fact, I loved it so much, it is what prompted me to finally get going on these!!  Isn't  that Whimsical Romance Fabric Line by Keera Job for Riley Blake Designs just beautiful!!!  It is the same fabric I used for my Moonstones Quilt that I shared a Free PDF of a few weeks ago and I think it is so cute in this quilt.  It is the perfect fit for this adorable pattern :)  

And then from August Sew Sampler box, I whipped up this In Stitches quilt top.  Won't this just make the most adorable baby quilt!!   And when I say whipped up, it really does indeed whip up!!!   I had this top done in half a day, so fun and fast!!   The quilt uses a Stitch Jolly Bar and background, so it was super fun to just grab a background and get stitching :)

And last but not least, I finally started sewing up my Sprouts Sprouted quilt!!!  This is from the March 2019 Sew Sampler box  and last month I decided to use up some Sherri and Chelsi's Seashore Drive scraps (from a secret project, this line isn't available yet ;) and make up the Sprouts pattern, only I upsized the block, so it is Sprouts Sprouted ;)     And I love the low volume background, so fun!!!

So now, it is time to make up some quilt backs and get to some serious Happy Quilting!!!   Like seriously, I need a quilting marathon!!!   I think this makes over 20 quilt tops waiting to be quilted :)    Glad to be in great company with all you fellow quilters with a pile of "to be quilted" tops!!

I hope you are all having a very Happy Quilting Weekend!!

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  1. That fabric is inspiring. I would want that in my kitchen.

  2. There is a lot to be said for mindless sewing, but these patterns definitely don't look mindless. EAch one is Beautiful!

  3. Gorgeous and fun quilt tops! Thank you for sharing.


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