Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Sweet Blend - HQM Quilt 22

 It is Week 22 of the Happy Quilting Marathon and it isn't Saturday, yippee for not waiting to the last minute!!! And this quilt was a long time coming, I actually started it back in 2019, finished the top in February, and am just now quilting it.   So without further ado, here is Sweet Blend!!    

And not only was I waiting to finish this Sweet Blend quilt, my daughter was waiting for it to grace her bed.  I started this quilt when we painted her room over Spring Break 2019 so that she would have a more tween look ;)  Kami picked the pink background (Kona Primrose)  and I loved that it won't show the daily wear as much as a white background ;)   I am just so happy it is all done and she gets to enjoy it now.  She has been so patiently waiting, and I am just thrilled with how it all came together!!    

I used Amy Elli's Wanderlust Fabric.  Both Kami and I love the bold colors and prints in the line, and it worked perfect for this Sweet Blend pattern as there were an equal number of "low volume" prints as bright prints.  So great!!! I added a little more to the pattern to finish the stars in the center row, and then needed a sashing on the top and bottom so it would be bed sized.  So my quilt finishes at 72" x 90".    

And Kami's favorite quilting motif is Loose Feathers, so of course, that is what I quilted in the background for her ;)   I did arches in the diamonds that make up all the stars and it just came out so pretty!!!  And I love Kami was nearly jumping up and down with excitement while I was quilting it ;) 

And talk about yummy texture!!!   It is just going to be so perfect for her bedroom.  It really makes it look more Tween room now, and that of course makes my Tween very happy in deed :)   So next week, I need to finish her sister's quilt that I  started on the same Spring Break back in 2019 because now that one has their new quilt, I don't think I can put the other one off very long.  Good thing this Marathon will provide the extra motivation to quilt it up!!! 

And that is Quilt #22 - All the Trimmings ;)  22 Down and only 4 more quilts to go in the Happy Quilting Marathon :)   Ready to make Josie just as happy next week :)  

And that is it for today, thanks for popping in to share this finish with me!!! 

I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting Weekend!!

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  1. GORGEOUS!! I can easily see why she was jumping up and down while you were quilting it! Your loose feathers are my favorite, too. I like yours way better with the completed stars and top and bottom border than the original. It looks really difficult!

  2. This is so beautiful - Love those stars and the pink background. Your daughter's joy at putting this on her bed will be awesome!


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