Thursday, August 27, 2015

I'm Happy Quilting Today!

This morning I have been quilting away, and I probably will be this afternoon as well.   I just love days of quilting, quilting, and then some more quilting!!!  (although, I do admit, my wrists get sore, but it is worth it ;)  I started off with some Curly Q's this morning.  These are such a fun little design to do.  And they make a great little background filler.  So cute!!!

I finished up this little project this morning and I now I just need to add this adorable scrappy binding!!!  These are all leftover bits from binding other quilts.  They just make the cutests bindings for scrappy quilts ;)   I will be sharing this finished project tomorrow.  So excited!!!  Think Farm Girl Fun ;)

And then, it is off to do more quilting!!   I am thinking some straight lines for the next quilt.   Lots and lots and lots of straight lines.  Thank heavens for the Channel Locks on the Long Arm ;)

Have a Happy Quilting Day!!!
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  1. i really need to start quilting, just need to practice my sewing skills on my sewing machine, still not very good sadly :(xx


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